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Expert Copywriting Services from Better Content Matters

Today’s highly competitive digital marketplace demands exceptional content that stands out in a crowd, regardless of what sort of business you’re operating. If you want more eyes on your brand, you need to give them a reason to be there. Better Content Matters can help you do exactly that with custom-tailored content that is actionable, accurate, and attractive to whatever audience you’re trying to build.

BCM is not just another content broker or writing service. We’re your premier partner for high-quality, laser-focused content that is cost-effective and delivered swiftly to your exact specifications.

What Defines High Quality Content?

High quality content goes beyond keywords and good grammar. Today’s search engines, powered by AI and complex proprietary algorithms, are better than ever at discerning quality content, no longer simply calculating keyword density but actually evaluating how useful or satisfying a page will be to its readers. Better Content Matters can craft custom content that resonates with your audience, adds real value to your website, and tells a compelling story about your brand or project.

How Do I Find Good Content Writers?

There is no shortage of individuals and firms willing to sell their writing. These range from expensive-to-hire subject matter experts with decades of professional experience to outright scammers trying to pass off AI-generated (or even plagiarized) content as original. With the advent of natural language AI, identifying skilled and reputable content creators with experience in your field becomes more challenging than ever. Thankfully, you don’t have to.

Better Content Matters works with a deep roster of talented human writers representing a breadth of backgrounds, styles, and areas of special expertise.

What Sets Better Content Matters Apart from Other Content Providers?

  • The Highest Quality Standards. At BCM, every member of our team prides themselves on delivering content that goes beyond mere words on a page and beyond our clients’ expectations. Our approach is not about stuffing a page with keywords but meticulously crafting engaging, highly readable content that serves to define and strengthen your brand with each sentence. Our team of dedicated professionals boasts decades of combined expertise in writing, editing, web design, and digital content strategizing, and we’re ready to put that acumen to work for you and your website.
  • Cost-Effective Excellence. A robust content strategy can represent a significant investment for small- and mid-sized operations, so we strive to deliver high-performing content that pays for itself over time by helping you reach more customers. For us, it’s not about finding some sort of “balance” between cost and quality; it’s about leveraging our skills and resources to provide the absolute highest quality content at a fair price point for each and every project. And with BCM’s transparent billing practices, you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for before any work begins.
  • Two-Fold Editing. Every project we deliver is reviewed by classically trained, professional human editors. After traditional editing, your blog, webpage, or press release then goes through a second pass in the form of a cutting-edge, enterprise-level grammar-checking system that ensures clarity and consistency across all of your content.
  • Fast, Reliable Turnarounds. Time is of the essence when you’re competing for customers online. That’s why we offer prompt delivery and timely content without compromising our quality standards. Need great content now? BCM has you covered.
  • Personalized Client Services. Our approach to content creation is flexible and collaborative, ensuring that every client is able to get exactly what they need out of our services. The most important metric for our success is your satisfaction, and our dedicated account representatives will be available to you throughout the project to ensure you’re happy with the outcome. Our services are comprehensive and go beyond merely writing great content. We can also help you research and deploy winning keywords and analyze and overhaul your existing website. Want to know more about our Website Consulting Services? Send us a quick note to get more information. 

Human Content for an AI World

While our focus remains on crafting bespoke content written by talented human professionals, we take a proactive approach to this dynamic field and do not shy away from emerging trends in content creation. For those who wish to integrate AI tools into their content strategy, we offer professional, prompt writing and editing/cleanup services so that your AI content fits your brand, performs to your standards, and doesn’t get lost in the sea of mundane AI copy being pumped onto the web every day.

One new (but extremely serious) concern for anyone buying content creation services is whether or not you’re actually purchasing content from a professional human creator. Nobody wants to be scammed into buying output from a free AI platform, but as AI gets more powerful, it will only become more difficult for untrained eyes to determine what’s genuine at a glance. We believe you should never have to worry about analyzing and re-evaluating content that you’ve paid a professional to deliver at a high level.

As content professionals, we at BCM are as intrigued and impressed by AI as anyone and believe it can do some great things–but reliably delivering polished content that intimately understands your brand, your audience, and your industry is not currently one of them. We aren’t opposed to using AI to help generate ideas, provide a direction for further research, or organize first drafts, but we will always be 100% transparent about our use of these new technologies, and every BCM campaign today is still fully human-powered unless our clients specifically ask for AI-assisted content.

For content that is forward-thinking but firmly rooted in fundamentals, look no further than BCM.

What is E-E-A-T and Why Does it Matter?

EEAT, an industry acronym pronounced like “eat,” was coined by Google and stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. EEAT is not a specific technology or ranking system but a reference to key SEO factors in the era of modern, AI-powered web search.

The team of writers, editors, and marketing pros at Better Content Matters is ready to help hungry companies EEAT better:

  • Our dedicated content creation team has a track record of delivering high-performing content for clients in a wide range of crowded, highly competitive industries. Many of our people have been involved in online writing and SEO strategy dating back to the early days of ecommerce, so adapting to new paradigms in SEO and content creation (such as today’s AI revolution) comes as second nature to us.
  • Entrepreneurs who operate in niche fields are sometimes hesitant to enlist “full service” content creation firms, and understandably so. You need to make sure that any content carrying your name or your branding is useful to your audience, of the utmost quality, and totally accurate. This only becomes more critical if you work in a highly technical field. This is one of the reasons Better Content Matters maintains a diverse and stable of writers from a variety of personal, professional, and academic backgrounds. This allows us to maintain successful, long-term relationships with even the most demanding clients in fields ranging from biotech to industrial filtration to state-specific probate law.
  • As the algorithms at Google and other search providers become smarter and more powerful, they are able to do a better job of ranking how “authoritative” your content (and, in turn, your brand) is. We can help you build a large catalog of actionable, compelling, accurate content with the potential to be widely referenced and shared. This builds interest and trust in your brand, leading to more eyes on your other content, which in turn builds a sustainable feedback loop of better search results and overall industry credibility.
  • Trustworthiness goes hand in hand with the other aspects of EEAT and may even be seen as the cumulative result of successfully using your online content to demonstrate your experience, expertise, and authoritativeness to customers and colleagues. In this new age where millions of words of unedited, AI-generated copy get posted every day, ensuring that your own content is accurate, high in quality, and consistent with your branding can make all the difference.

At its core, EEAT can be seen as the defacto web search gatekeepers at Google are running to remind us that truly human content is going to be the difference maker in an AI-powered future. In short, EEAT reinforces what you already know, the same fact that led you to our website today: you need better content because it matters.

Better Content Matters – Content Creation and Digital Marketing Solutions for a Connected World

If you’re finding that your Google search rankings, social media engagement, or web traffic indicators are slipping, it may be time for a content overhaul. Contact Better Content Matters today, and let’s get started collaborating on a project that will strengthen your brand, empower your audience, and improve your bottom line.