3 Engaging Podcasts for Small Business Owners

by | Jan 1, 2021 | Business

Podcasts are undoubtedly trendy, but some people could binge-listen the day away. Some individuals are auditory learners and focus even better while listening, while others find multi-tasking with talking going on in the background a peaceful distraction for mundane tasks.

For small business owners, though, podcasts are a powerful tool to have in the arsenal. When running a small business or start-up, it’s easy to feel deprived of the free time needed to learn, much less to relax. You may singlehandedly carry out every company role from the janitor to CEO, especially at the start. That is in addition to life responsibilities like parenting and keeping up a household. In such times as 2020, every member of a family may be “working” from home.

3 Great Podcasts to Improve Your Business Game

Busy has gotten busier. That’s the beauty of podcasts! They pack in a relaxing element of entertainment with the productive aspect of learning how to improve small businesses. Best of all, you can listen while doing the dishes, making lunch, running an errand to print business cards, or even responding to emails. You might just learn what you were hoping to glean from the book you keep falling asleep reading in bed at night! The big question is – what to listen to? The options are plentiful and overwhelming.

Here are three great podcasts and specific episodes for small business owners to enjoy.

It’s Been a Minute. This podcast is always a great listen with a diverse cast. It’s like having a conversation with a friend who will help you make sense of the world. One of their most recent, however, is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to make connections in the world. It teaches how to be better at conversing. You may not realize this skill is important for you until you give this podcast a listen. It’s especially telling in how to chat in the age of technology. It’s Been a Minute: How to Have Better Conversations

Boost My Business with David Fischer. Some podcasts made for small businesses are too business-oriented to be interesting. Boost My Business isn’t one of those. Its focus is on others and their success — and that alone is helpful. It offers encouraging insights and tales of transformation. The best one is perhaps the first, TOMS’ Founder Blake Mycoskie and Two Blind Brothers’ Power of Social Good.

You’re Wrong About. Most of these podcasts aren’t geared to business owners, and that’s what makes them great. The two hosts explain how easily things we see in the media become misrepresented. Representation matters, and podcast offers a great way to learn how to avoid the pitfalls of misrepresentation and how to use this knowledge for your business. Since beginning this podcast, there is much we’ve discovered that we are wrong about, from Princess Diana to Tonya Harding. However, if you’re looking for a shining episode, The Ebonics Controversy is a must-listen. It digs deep into a cultural misunderstanding that had national implications.

There are a few that have expanded our horizons and helped us gain perspective in the last year. Small business owners are often in-the-know about great podcasts from favorite businessmen and women, life coaches, or even just captivating hosts that offer a unique perspective.

Take One More Job Off Your To-Do List

If you’re a small business owner, let’s face it. You’re likely struggling to pack in time to read, learn, and relax – all of which improve your business, mental health, and wellbeing. Podcast-listening is so much more enriching than a binge-watching session, while also allowing a bigger opportunity to multitask. If you need on more task off your plate, consider hiring a team of writing professionals to craft your content.

What podcasts have helped you grow your business? What podcasts do you recommend for the busy business owner looking to learn and unwind? Comment to let us at Better Content Matters know what you are loving!


Kate Bowen