Be Your Best During Digital Meet-Ups

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Business

Though much has been challenging for those trying to shelter at home and keep the world safe, digital meetings are definitely in the win column for us. It’s a great new thing – not having to get in the car to drive to meetings, optional showering, and, really, optional pants (though we encourage pant-wearing. There’s nothing worse than having to run to the bathroom and realizing your boss could see you in your skivvies). 

However, just because you have a lot of freedom doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all; there are rules, though they are mostly driven by etiquette. 

Whether meeting on Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook Live, or House Party, you should remember a few things to stay on your professional game. First, you’re on a screen; part of your job is performing. We don’t like to admit that we perform when we engage with others, but it’s so culturally embedded that we don’t even realize we’re doing it. Those instinctual practices just aren’t the same once you open a laptop or smartphone – those screens tend to be for duckfaces and checking errant hairs. Because of the cultural newness – and due to our extensive zooming experience as remote workers – we’ve created a handy guide to help you do you on Zoom. 

Do’s and Don’ts for Optimal Digital Meetings

During our time doing digital meetings, we’ve seen more than a few mishaps and etiquette breaches. Stay professional with your boss or look cool with your friends. Whatever reason you’re zooming, you want to look and act your best. Here’s how. 

  • Place your laptop thoughtfully. Do you want to be the only one who is close up? Probably not. Spend a few minutes figuring out how to be comfortable and where the video is best captured. However, beds and zoom meetings don’t go well together. You can be relaxed without lounging. 
  • Stay still. There could be fifty people on the screen or just three, but the eyes of everyone will go to whoever is moving around. While you may not mind being the center of attention, it could distract people from the message or the speaker. It could also make other attendees dizzy. 
  • Don’t look at yourself. If you need to, get on a bit early to see how your hair looks combed or whether your eyeliner looks a bit heavy in the video feed. After that, focus on your friends’ and colleagues’ faces. They will feel your attention more and you will likely be able to concentrate better. 
  • Mute thoughtfully. If you are in a meeting with more than a couple of people, it’s probably best to mute your speaker unless you have something to say. Little sounds add up. No one minds seeing pets, kids, and spouses pop in for a wave or a looksee but hearing all those noises from everyone can make any meeting impossible.  
  • Avoid a crazy background. We know. Having a crazy background as your room is fun at first, but all those themes are getting old and are definitely distracting. If you’re with your friends, it may be good for a laugh. However, even in digital happy hour, what people want to see is you. 


Embrace the Good of Our New Normal

We miss hanging with our friends, eating out, and shopping – but we’re also embracing some of the positive changes that are happening. Digital meetings are one of them. Yoga pants every day are another. 

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Kimberlee Henry