Boost Your Digital Reach With These 3 Tips

by | Apr 2, 2023 | Business

Most businesses in today’s marketplace understand the need for a strong digital presence. However, how to achieve that is often a mystery. While digital marketing itself is complex, there are some things you can do to get started expanding your customer base, increasing traffic, and winning sales. For some, just knowing where to begin is the issue. Conventional wisdom suggests that growing your base is the first step, but that’s easier said than done. If you’re looking for some advice on how to expand your digital reach, consider starting with the following tips.

Know Your Marketplace

Before you can invest in marketing, you have to know who your target audience is. If you consider your cities’ demographics, it may offer some insight. If your product or service is local to the area, it helps to know your city and who lives there. For instance, if your area has a large Latinx community, consider adding Spanish content to your website or engage in a social media strategy that includes posts in Spanish. Don’t forget to consider age. If your target area is full of millennials on the job market, then your social media page shouldn’t be full of “TGIF” gifs, and you should move beyond Facebook. Likewise, if you are located in a retirement area, then Gen Z content is likely not hitting the mark. Sadly, that means no reason to plan those TikTok dances (although the social media app does have a thriving Gen X audience). It boils down to knowing who you are selling to and how to reach them.

Be Inclusive

Our nation is becoming more diverse by the day, and if you’re failing to consider that in your digital campaign, you’re leaving money on the table. The lasting impact of the pandemic has increased our connectivity even further, so giving deliberate attention to the values, images, and messages that your brand sends is crucial.

You may consider yourself or your business as inclusive, but embracing inclusivity marketing may take an extra step. It’s more than just including a vast array of people and more about encouraging their business — and that can be done by considering their perspective in your marketing campaign.

Embrace Social Activism

Your business doesn’t have to protest or lead a boycott, but you should give your potential customers the feeling that patronizing your business helps the world in some way. Unlike generations past, shoppers use their dollars to support causes they care about. Some things they consider before hitting that “buy” button include:

  • Are the products they are purchasing made by people who are paid fair wages?
  • Are the materials used in the products ethically sourced?
  • Does this money go to the 1% on Wall Street or a mom-and-pop business that supports the area’s little league?

Answer these concerns in your web content, and don’t hide your activism. If your business supports local theater, gives proceeds to the homeless, or offers free services for battered women, make sure potential web traffic sees it. What you consider just living right is one way to grab attention for your business.

Get Professional Writing Help

Making sure you have quality web content and a well-thought-out marketing plan is the first step in any digital marketing campaign. For help crafting your next phase of digital outreach, contact our team. From Spanish-writing services to content that boosts your business and your cause, consider contacting Better Content Matters. Lower your bounce rate and boost your traffic with help from our professional writing team. Contact us to order content for your business today.

Alisa Hummell

Alisa Hummell

Alisa Hummell began her career teaching at Northern Michigan University but found she missed putting pen to paper. She began Better Content Matters with Christie Moll and Kimberlee Henry. Together, they were dedicated to covering a gap in marketing to include boutique writing services that helped clients with their SEO while crafting language that spoke to people – and not just bots. In the wake of AI, that need has grown ever more important.