Celebrating Earth Day 2023: Invest in Our Planet

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Earth Day is April 22, which gives people a chance to learn more about our planet, learn about climate change, raise awareness, and clean up the world close to home. This Earth Day, see what you can do to support the planet and your local community.

In 2023, the theme for Earth Day is Invest in Our Planet. This is a continuation of the 2022 theme and aims to engage businesses, institutions, governments, and communities in a collective effort to take action to prevent further environmental harm and protect our planet for the future.

With the current climate crisis we face, action to save our planet has become imperative. The combined power of individuals and communities can help, but it’s important to remember that governmental and institutional change is what is necessary to keep our planet livable. As communities, we can work together to face these challenges and fight for real change.

The History and Meaning of Earth Day

The first Earth Day was on April 22, 1970. After Wisconsin U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson witnessed a California oil spill, he and other activists organized Earth Day with the intention of forcing the U.S. government to confront the growing environmental issues. This led to the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency after 20 million Americans came together for environmental awareness and action.

Earth Day went from a U.S. national event to a worldwide event. Every Earth Day, more than 1 billion people work to protect our planet across hundreds of countries.

Earth Day’s purpose is to remind people of what they can do to bring change and solutions for the environment, as well as invest in and create a green future.

How You Can Help Your Community and the Planet

The more people work together for climate action, the greater impact collective communities can have. Here are some ways you can create a greener community.

Plant Trees and Gardens

Planting trees or working with a community garden is a simple way to combat climate change. You can donate to tree-planting events or attend one yourself and help reforest our planet. You can also help by creating pollinator gardens, replanting wildflowers, and supporting wildlife habitat conservation efforts. Community gardens give you a chance to make connections with others in your community and support local and more environmentally-sound food production.

Learn Climate Literacy

The more individuals around the world who understand the impact and effects of climate change, the more likely change will be adopted. Though this can, in part, be achieved as a global governmental effort, there are ways you can increase your personal climate literacy. Consider documentaries, books, podcasts, and news sites that provide you with current and actionable information about climate change.

Advocate for Environmental Justice and Legislative Change

With the time to act and create change for a greener future becoming narrower, it can often feel that governmental and institutional change is out of reach. We can hope that collective power is enough to incite change. Here are some ways you can advocate for environmental change:

  • Work with environmental and political advocacy groups.
  • Send letters to and call your elected officials in the community in support of climate change.
  • Sign the Climate and Environmental Literacy letter to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
  • Exercise your right to vote to protect the planet.

Limit Your Plastic Consumption

Plastic pollution causes severe problems for human and marine life. You can take steps and limit your use of plastic products by investing in reusable plastic products rather than single-use or opting out of plastic containers entirely. Though a small action, millions of people working together can make a difference.

Clean Up Your Community

You can join an event for clean-up in parks, rivers, lakes, roadsides, trails, and other community locations. You can even register for a clean-up kit and lead a team of people in clean-up. This can create a healthier environment and reduce unnecessary waste.

Use Sustainable Clothing Practices

Fast fashion has seen a surge in popularity in the last few decades, and it has led to severe worker exploitation and devastating environmental effects. Commit to sustainable fashion by buying fashion that is produced and distributed ethically, buying second-hand, learning to repair clothes, swapping clothes with your friends or community, and choosing quality clothes over quantity.

Make Small Changes

Not everyone has the ability to invest in major environmental change. However, there are many ways that individuals can create big environmental change with small actions. These lifestyle changes may include:

  • Turning off lights when you leave the room
  • Consider choosing energy-efficient options when you need new appliances
  • Use public transport or carpools when possible
  • Make compost with food scraps
  • Buy less and buy eco-friendly
  • Start a small indoor/outdoor garden to grow your own produce

Working Towards a Green Future Every Day

Earth Day is meant to be a day to work together toward a better world, but it’s easy to see why many people may be losing faith in a sustainable and green future. This Earth Day, try to spend some time outside on our beautiful planet and take time with the people and community you love. While not a perfect solution, it could bring you a bit of hope. By working individually on small climate actions and coming together for big environmental changes, we can protect the planet we call home.

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Jane Replogle

Jane Replogle

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