Discover Our Writing Team’s Favorite Love Poems

by | Feb 12, 2020 | Business

No surprise, our content writing team is full of English majors. That means that before our writers hit digital marketing full time, they spent hours poring over Russian Literature, furrowing their brows at absurdist plays, and rereading Victorian poetry – along with secreted comic books and graphic novels. 

This Valentine’s Day, we’re revealing a few of our favorite (and often overlooked) American poems. Poems offer new ways to think about everyday things. Look at life in a new way and impress your darling this Valentine’s Day by offering one of these poems or use them as inspiration for your own writing. Blogs can be a love offering, too, with the right turn of phrase. 

Three of Our Favorite Love Poems

Whether you’re a fan of poetry or just enjoy beautiful writing, these poems will remind you that Valentine’s Day can be more than a Hallmark holiday. You simply have to find the right words to express your affection. Here are a few of our favorite “right words.”


e.e. cumming


This poem deserves its place as one of the most often cited poems to show up in movies. That ending is stunningly beautiful in its simplicity. Critics of the day spent a lot of ink complaining about cumming’s unusual punctuation and spacing. He didn’t seem to hear it, and we’re all grateful that he didn’t. No one can replicate cumming’s signature phrasing, which incorporated punctuation as part of the art. 


Bob Hicok


Any follower of BCM’s posts know we’re a fan of Hicok’s work. But how can you not be, with a line like “When I don’t touch you it’s a mistake in any life” – right? This poem is a rare one because instead of being about the first blushes of new love, it’s about the love that is steady and is likely sitting next to you on the sofa. 


Gwendolyn Brooks


This poem is an exploration of what love is and of what it feels like to be in the middle of it. Brooks beautifully balances the ephemeral and exacting aspects of the experience. “The commonest ash” could play with both love being burned to the ground and the fire it ignites. Her work both moves us while reminding us that it isn’t always easy. 


Find the Best Words to Show Your Love this Valentine’s

We don’t only hire writers for BCM; we hire readers who also write. And it’s something you can see with every post we craft. One thing we’ve found; wooing and marketing aren’t that different. If you’re looking for the right words for your content marketing strategy, trust our team of experienced writers. All those years reading poetry have offered us new ways to tell old stories. When you’re ready to take your content writing to the next level, trust a team of readers – they’re the ones who know how to write.

Alisa Hummell

Alisa Hummell

Alisa Hummell began her career teaching at Northern Michigan University but found she missed putting pen to paper. She began Better Content Matters with Christie Moll and Kimberlee Henry. Together, they were dedicated to covering a gap in marketing to include boutique writing services that helped clients with their SEO while crafting language that spoke to people – and not just bots. In the wake of AI, that need has grown ever more important.