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by | May 18, 2023 | Business, Content Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) for tech companies is essential to do properly and to a high standard. Tech sectors are a competitive market, and nearly all your competitors are well-established online and are aware of how to prime their sites and content for the current requirements of SEO.

The visitors to tech and IT websites are generally those with a professional understanding of technical content, and this audience will note if your site’s information is inaccurate or lacks depth. It’s also essential for tech sites not to alienate users who have a less technical understanding. This is a fine line to walk when creating engaging content. Thought-out SEO for tech companies is essential to increase your audience and lead generation.

What Are the Benefits of SEO for Tech Companies?

Most people looking for something online turn to a search engine. Every minute, Google sees about 2.4 million search queries, and that isn’t counting Bing, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, and many other search engines. It’s essential for businesses to rank highly on search engine results pages (SERPs) to increase the number of people and potential clients visiting the site.

If you want to generate more leads for your tech or IT company, you have to determine what your target audience is searching for and what they need in your services. Effective SEO is not only about appealing to search engines. The core of SEO is to optimize your site for a positive user experience. Weak SEO may initially increase views to your site, but it takes engaging content and well-designed sites to keep visitors interested and encourage them to action.

SEO Strategies for Tech and IT Companies

SEO focuses on organic and long-term growth. As you build trust with Google and other search engines over time and prove that you are offering new and relevant content to visitors, your SERP ranking will improve. Effective SEO is not about quick tricks to use for your website and forget about, but instead consistent upkeep and long-term procedures that make your site helpful for real people looking for answers. Here are ways you can improve your tech company’s SEO:

  • Determine SEO Goals and KPIs

Outline what your goals are for your SEO strategy. Ranking high on SERPs is how you reach many business goals, such as organic site traffic, increasing the reach of your brand, lead generation, and sales. Your goals can be measured by key performance indicators (KPIs) to determine how your SEO is improving. This includes improved reputability and trust in your domain or website, an increase in traffic, and ranking of keywords. Determining long-term goals allows you to create a more effective SEO strategy.

  • Know Your Audience

In order to convert site visitors into paying clients, you need to understand who that audience is. Conduct research on the types of clients who need your services, and determine their needs. Understand what searches your ideal client makes that should lead to your tech company. Determine if local SEO is an effective marketing tactic for your company and how location changes client needs.

  • Create Topic Clusters Using Keyword Research

Topic clusters are a process of internal page linking that makes it easier for search engines and users to navigate your website. Pages that cover similar topics are grouped on a central pillar page, along with other topic clusters covering other relevant information. This provides users with all your essential information about a single topic. Your topic clusters should be arranged according to well-researched primary keywords.

  • Begin a Content Marketing Strategy

Tech companies can’t take shortcuts to quality content. High industry competition and highly-informed site users mean that dull or trivial web content will send visitors clicking away to other tech company websites. You want a content development marketing strategy that frequently creates content on a blog, a video platform like YouTube, or a publication site. It’s essential that this content is quality, fits the tone of your business, and answers the questions or needs of your clients.

  • Make an Accessible Website

Improved user experience will improve your site’s SEO. This includes improving your website’s loading speeds and making easy-to-navigate web pages through internal linking. Making an accessible website will ensure more people can easily use your website. Accessibility means including alt descriptions for images, allowing keyboard navigation and function, and providing useful captions on videos.

  • Optimize Technical On-site SEO

Some accessibility requirements are done through technical SEO, such as a linking structure and website speed. Technical SEO also includes ensuring search engines can easily read the site and creating a mobile-friendly site. Optimizing technical SEO can be easy if you understand it, but it must be done often to ensure the website is consistently up-to-date.

What to Look for in a Tech SEO Company

Many tech companies don’t have the time or resources to devote to strong SEO. For these businesses, it’s worth investing in an SEO agency that can optimize your site layout and content. Here is what to look for in an SEO agency for tech and IT companies:

  • Industry Experience. Find an SEO agency that specializes in tech companies and has provided strong results for other technology and IT business websites.
  • Individualized SEO Tactics. You don’t want a one-size-fits-all strategy. You need an SEO strategy that takes your goals and brand into account and works with the marketing plans you already have.
  • Comprehensive SEO Services. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your SEO strategies, your SEO agency should cover every SEO element, such as on- and off-page SEO, content marketing, cross-platform efforts, and technical SEO.
  • Proven Results. Use what you determined for your business’s KPIs and long-term SEO strategy, and find an agency that shows results in those categories for other companies.
  • Transparency and Reporting. Choose an SEO agency that reports results to clients and demonstrates how they track and measure these results. See how often an agency communicates performance level with companies.

Improving Your Tech Company’s Content Writing

SEO is an investment, and it takes patience and a website with high-quality content. When you’re in need of a professional and skilled writing team, contact Better Content Matters. Our writers understand how to work with SEO tactics and how to fit seamlessly with the tone of your brand. We know that actionable and useful content is what turns interested visitors into paying clients, and we work to deliver exceptional content.

Jane Replogle

Jane Replogle

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