Four Social Media Trends of 2024

by | Sep 20, 2023 | Business

Social commerce in the US is a $53+ billion market. The best way for companies to get a piece of that is by following trends and incorporating them into their business strategies. Below are the top social media trends for 2024 that you can bank on continuing to drive traffic in the upcoming year. Find one that inspires you, and jump on board.

Trend #1: Social Media Search Engines Prevailed

When Google was the go-to search engine for everything from homework help to local plumbers to recipes, Gen Z (under 25) and even Gen Alpha (the younger siblings of Gen Z and children of Millennials) didn’t appreciate the search engine supergiant like their predecessors once did.

That’s not to say Google is going anywhere, but we’ve seen a new shift this year towards social media searching. Many younger users have developed a natural habit of going to their primary social media platform to search for things, including music, news, product reviews, and shopping needs, and it’s because this is where their trust lies.

Users who spend the majority of their social media time on TikTok, for instance, will go to the platform’s search engine first to search for information, bypassing Google altogether. The same is true for YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and especially Instagram. Influencers have earned the trust of their followers by providing honest, practical, and real-life product reviews, advice, and information. Clever leveraging of social media can convert these social media searchers into loyal customers that will multiply over time.

Trend #2: AI Emerged

One day at the beginning of the year, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a mystic concept that, to most people, was nothing more than intriguing but bizarre robots that were made to look like and mimic humans but couldn’t quite act the part. Then, the next day, AI was everywhere. While AI has been the topic of study in the tech realm for quite some time, it wasn’t a household topic until this year, even though we’ve been using primitive AI products for decades (e.g., Furby, Siri, Speak and Spell). Nonetheless, 2024 will be the year history books will attribute to the mainstream emergence of the AI era.

While some industries rejected the intrusion of AI-powered mechanisms, other industries adopted the newcomer and found ways to incorporate it into their marketing campaigns. Higher education scrambled to find ways to discern if student work was student- or AI-generated, and content strategists struggled to find a balance between human-generated and AI-generated content. But social media welcomed AI influence with open arms, and it was happily adopted into social media. Snapchat, for instance, embraced the trend by introducing users to their own AI chatbots that they could name, customize, and send messages back and forth with as if they were communicating with a real friend.

AI’s glorified search engine persona is just the beginning, though. As technology aims to realize the true potential of AI, it’s likely that it will find its place in something far greater than we have yet to imagine. For now, AI offers an innovative way to interact with information and is a trending feature that may or may not make the long-term cut within the social media realm. Some companies, though, are looking for ways to leverage AI for their unique marketing needs, such as Coca-Cola’s Zero Sugar Y3000, an AI-created soft drink. There have also been a lot of creative social media marketers and influencers who have used AI-created images to garner reactions and drum up interaction among their users and followers.

Trend #3: The Need for a Diversified Web Presence Surfaced

This year, savvy marketers have discovered not to put all their social media efforts in one place. Using a variety of platforms to reach a variety of audiences has become the new way to market to various audiences. For example, more brands turned to TikTok this year to test the waters and enjoyed the return on their investment with the positive reactions from the platform’s avid and fast-paced user base.

TikTok’s unique business model opens the door for a different approach to customer interaction. For instance, we saw news outlets using their social media presence to reach an even younger audience than ever before with satirical and skit-style news reports, while law firms delivered legal tips in the form of informative but entertaining clips to interested viewers of all ages.

As younger generations take up residence in the workforce, moving toward the halfway point of the century, there may be an even larger shift in impactful marketing across apps these users frequent. Thus, it may be worth maintaining a following on these platforms.

Trend #4: Fake Is Out; Relatability Is In

Though it might seem like a contraction, considering 2023 has been the year of AI, but users want authenticity. It turns out people love to relate to other people, and the advertising industry has just clued into this desire of consumers to relate to advertising materials such as visual images, written copy, and even social media posts. In a world of filters and facades, social media content has moved away from the fake this year as users demand content they can identify with.

In an effort to develop a movement that promotes positive self-image, in the raw, social media posts have adapted to no-filter challenges, unedited video clips, and honest impressions. Brands like Victoria’s Secret and Dove soap have adopted the be-your-true-self trend as a permanent shift to inclusive marketing that will become a long-lasting and static change in most companies’ approach to advertising that will carry us through the better part of the century. This kind of social media trend of 2024 isn’t likely to change in upcoming years.

Leverage These Social Media Trends of 2024

Who knows what the crowd will come up with next, but if recent history repeats itself, we can expect new and innovative ways to connect on social media in the coming year and beyond. One thing that will always be on trend, though, is great SEO content, and Better Content Matters will be here to meet the demand for high-quality web content. Get in touch with us to learn how we can help your web presence make a lasting impact, not only on your website but across all social media platforms.


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