How Games Make Great Grant Writers

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Grant writers don’t believe what they do is a game, but, since the stakes are often so high, it can help to think of it like a strategic board game – it takes thought and skill. And sometimes, no matter how good you are at the game or how lucky you’ve been, you lose. And that’s hard for everyone. However, when writing grants for nonprofits, it’s true that some of the strategies we use to play games help with the grant writing process. If there’s any grant writing advice we can offer, it’s that, unfortunately, you won’t be successful at getting every grant, no matter how hard you try. Our second bit of advice is to play games when you can if you’re considering grant writing jobs. They can help you hone your mind when it’s time to narrow down a complex topic that requires lots of research. They can also help you accept the losses when they come.

How Gaming Helps Grant Writers

Grants are serious business, and professional grant writers know more than anyone what is on the line and how a few wrong or right words can transform lives. Thinking like a gamer can help make the process more successful in a few ways.

  • Games help you think ahead. As any gamer knows, you have to be thinking at least two to three moves ahead to win. When grant writing, you have to think beyond just the words on the page and into what the granting of finances would mean to various foundations.
  • Strategy is crucial for games as well as grants. Not only must gamers think ahead for their moves, they must be thinking about what their opponents are doing and how to strategize each move. When considering grants, writers must think beyond the needs of the organization, they are also working considering that others may be looking for the same grants. They must answer their need in addition to considering the needs that other potential grant applicants may have.
  • Games require focus. Playing strategic board games may not be quiet, but you can bet every person playing is focused. Few things in our current lives require the intense focus that playing a game does. For grant writers, that focus is vital – they must dig into reading materials and search for what will help them craft a convincing argument.


Gamers for the Grant Writing Win

Grant writing agencies know that professional writing is a serious business, but it’s one of the industries that needs the skills we develop even as children. The grant writing process takes strategy, focus, and insight. Games are like grant writing school – they teach us all we need to know. At Better Content Matters, we offer grant writing for non-profits and other organizations. And you can bet we play lots of games to make sure our grant writing skills are well-honed. When you need funding and grant writing help, contact our team. From Settlers of Catan to Monopoly, we will put our gaming to good use for nonprofits and other organizations.


Kimberlee Henry