How to Help Your Small Business Survive the Shut-In Economy

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Uncategorized

Despite many movies and books preparing us for an eventual pandemic, none of us feel especially prepared. Though some areas in the nation are struggling with basic necessities, others are fighting the ennui of staying home. This disparity across states is creating some marketing confusion. How do you answer the needs of your target audience when those needs are so varied, and so many people are concerned about their budgets?

Unfortunately, no answers seem to be immediately forthcoming. Whether because of a state order or out of caution, most of the United States – and their spending dollars – are staying at home. Thankfully, it’s seemingly helping control the rapid expansion of this virus, but it’s leaving many small businesses hurting. If you’re one of those, here are some things to do to boost your business during what is quickly being dubbed “the shut-in economy.” 

Focus on Your Digital Marketing Campaign

If there’s any certainty we have, it’s that this present crisis will pass. When it does, you don’t want Google to have forgotten you. One of the most important pieces of digital marketing is simply staying active – regardless of this present challenge. 

Here are a few things to do to stay active in the search engines: 

  • Reassure your clientele. Everyone is anxious. Reach out to your customer base by sending an email that explains how your business is working during the challenge, what they can expect from you, and how/if they can reach you. 


  • Craft positive social media posts. Engagement is always beneficial. In this case, it’s a great time to invest in social media – people are spending much more time on those platforms. Create some good news to attach to your brand. 


  • Build your authority. With Google’s EAT update, industry leadership is more important than ever. Help position your brand in this light by creating blogs that inform and educate your customer base. 


Expand Your Education

We’re living in a time unlike any other. Fortunately, educators are stepping up to help move the country in a positive direction. Ivy league universities are offering a range of online courses for free. You can boost your own industry knowledge or instruct your staff to gain some knowledge in their downtime. Likewise, marketing giants like MOZ are offering free classes through May 31. Others have always been free and are a great time investment, like Google and Wordstream

Research industry specific classes you can take at your home on your own time. Use that expertise toward your digital marketing campaign. 

Invest Time in Researching Grants and Loans

The economy is hurting, and it will likely need some help recovering. Because of this, the government is backing loans and grants to get things moving again. Some are even offering fairly immediate access to financial help. The most up-to-date information will be on the Small Business Administration’s website, but you should also research loans or grants that could be available through state funding. 

We’re Truly Are All in This Together

Despite being forced into self-isolation, we’ve never been so connected. If you need help finding the right words to convey your concern during these challenging times, our team can help. Though we’re not any wiser about what the world will look like after this pandemic than anyone else, we do know that our digital connections will be even more tightly connected than any other time, and your digital campaign will be even more crucial. 

When you’re ready, talk with us about your next steps.



Christie Moll