Leverage Google My Business to Earn Customers

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One of the first steps most consumers will take before hiring a business or purchasing a product is conducting a search on Google. This will give the consumer information about the company- its address, hours of operation, contact information, a link to its website, and reviews. For these reasons, creating a Google business listing, or Business Profile, is a strong way to get exposure for your business, but it will not be a complete listing without management control. What most do not understand, however, is that simply creating a Business Profile does not give you the ability to manage it. Management of a Business Profile is gained by creating a free Google My Business account and claiming your business.

What Is Google My Business?

Google allows anyone to create a Business Profile page – all they require is the business name, location, and category for the business listing to be active. Google may also pull information from the web and populate it into the listing. Whether this listing was created by you as the business owner or not, you cannot manage the information displayed or the reviews collected. Google My Business was created for this purpose. It is a free listing tool provided by Google that enables the business owner to manage and, if done correctly, optimize the Business Profile on Google. To clarify, the Business Profile is the business listing, and GMB is a tool to enhance your business profile.

How Do I Claim My Business?

Whether or not your business already has a Business Profile, understanding the process to claim your business is vital for outreach to your customers. Thankfully, Google understands this importance and has simplified the process. There are two different methods of approach: one to add your business and one to claim an existing business.

  1. Add Your Business

Sign into Google Maps on your computer

Add your business with one of three methods:

  • Enter your business address into the search bar, then click Add your Business on the left
  • Right-click on the map, then select Add your Business
  • Click Menu in the top left, then select Add your Business

Finish signing up your business by following the on-screen instructions

  • Claim Your Business

Open Google Maps on your computer

Enter your business name into the search bar

Choose and click the correct business listing

Click Claim this business, then manage now

Choose your preferred verification option, then follow the on-screen steps

Why do I Need a Google My Business Profile?

Creating a Google My Business profile allows you to verify that you are the rightful owner of a business to gain editing access to your Business Profile.

A GMB page gives direct access to key functions like editing information about your business, creating posts to inform customers of promotions or special events, and making a business ad. The control a GMB page offers over your business listing provides an opportunity to optimize your listing. Features included in a free GMB profile include, but are not limited to:

  • Verify your name, address, and phone number are correct and match your other platforms.
  • Craft a business description that showcases how your business was founded, your values, provided services, and areas that you serve. Accurately listing the areas that you serve will help target your ideal geographical area. This is even more vital if you plan to utilize geomarketing in your marketing strategy. This marketing method relies on location data to reach customers while they are near a business’s location and is available in Google Ads.
  • Respond to both positive and negative reviews on your business page. Commenting on reviews will create a positive rapport with past customers and show potential customers that you care about your reputation. It is also an excellent way to increase search engine optimization by working keywords into your profile through your comments.
  • Upload your logo, a cover photo, and any relevant business photos. Including your logo on this business page can also help potential consumers recognize your brand across multiple platforms. Adding a photo of the front of your business can make it easier for potential customers to find and increase consumer confidence in your business.
  • Create and upload posts if you want to share business information or if your business is hosting an event. These posts now last indefinitely, so ensure specific dates and times are provided in the post.  

Why Optimize Your Business Profile?

Optimizing your business listing on Google My Business will take time, especially when you are first setting it up; however, the maintenance time is also not negligible. Fortunately, you can expect returns from your time and effort. A complete business profile will increase your visibility across Google services and ultimately result in more potential customers seeing your post. Optimizing your listing will help direct it toward the community most likely to purchase your goods or services and increase your customer base. Customizing your business listing provides you with a plethora of opportunities to work keywords into your content. Your description, review comments, and other listing text can help improve the quantity and quality of website traffic you get. GMB has a feature that can aid you in determining which actions you take to result in improved website traffic: it allows you to see the number of views your Business Profile had within a month range. Ultimately, business profile optimization can cause significant growth for your business, especially if your previous listing had incorrect or lackluster information.

Optimizing Cascade

You will likely see a visible increase in traffic to your website following the optimization of your Business Profile. There are even more steps you can take to optimize your website and further increase your business visibility. Unfortunately, optimizing the content on your webpage is not as simple as with your Google business page. This is where Better Content Matters can help: our writers are experienced with search engine optimization and can apply that to articles, blog writing, and other written content for your webpage.


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