Marketing in MedTech – 4 Tips to Get Google’s Attention

by | Feb 21, 2023 | Business, Content Marketing

Online marketing began simply as another way to market your business because it opened a new media form on which to sell goods and services. However, the role and importance of digital marketing has changed significantly in the past few years, and that’s especially true for marketing in medtech. Your online presence and digital marketing plans are now integral to how customers view your business. Merely creating a website and running un-focused ads will not create a strong enough digital presence for your business to stand out among your competitors.

Every moment your business goes without a strong digital marketing campaign is a moment you are losing valuable connections to consumers and shareholders. It will be impossible for your MedTech company to thrive in current business markets without applying an expert and professional digital marketing plan to your growth strategy.

What Is MedTech Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is broadly defined as any marketing methods that are conducted through electronic devices, including online marketing practices. Digital marketing is a dynamic and ever-changing process that allows two-way communication between businesses and their current and prospective customers. While creating a digital marketing plan, a business may use websites, blogs, social media, search engines, email, video, and similar channels to reach the desired outcome—reaching more potential consumers and beating out competitors.

There are many different components of digital marketing, including:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertisements
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Native Marketing

Ultimately, all digital marketing is meant to increase consumers’ trust in a business to improve the likelihood of that business being used to meet their needs. Trust is incredibly important among consumers: a study by the University of Iowa found most of our decisions are processed through the limbic system, the portion of the brain responsible for trust responses and emotions.

Compounding on this, a professor from Harvard Business School found that 95% of consumers’ purchase decisions take place in the subconscious mind where thought generators, memory banks, and emotion generators are housed. Digital marketing in the medical field is designed to target and foster trust among consumers by building an authoritative online presence.

Tips for Creating a Strong Digital Presence

There is a multitude of benefits to improving your digital presence, but cashing in on those benefits requires an effective marketing strategy. Unfortunately, creating a comprehensive digital marketing campaign is not a simple task. It requires either spending immense amounts of time researching and building your own campaign or outsourcing to established professionals who can help. Though a complete campaign will take many hours of dedication, there are some actions you can take now to help improve your digital presence.

1.    Create Impactful Written Content

Your website provides an electronic storefront, establishes a brand image, and improves your availability to customers. Consumers of MedTech technology and devices expect written content that portrays high intelligence to increase confidence in the company. However, the content on your website has many purposes in addition to informing potential customers about your business. Search engines like Google scan the written content on your website to determine its credibility and relevance to searches on its site, then rank your website on the search engine results page (SERP) based on the results from this scan.

Using specific keywords and phrases will help the search engine determine which customers will benefit from seeing your website on their SERP, then rank your content higher on the page if it feels your content is trustworthy and beneficial. The more quality written content on your page, the more opportunities the search engine has to identify your business and provide it in the results. This is why blog posts can greatly improve your digital standing. They allow for more keyword and keyphrase uses that enhance your standing among search engines and increase the potential to appear on SERPs.

2.    Improve Website Optimization

On a global scale, mobile devices make up nearly half of all internet traffic. Building a website with quality content that is optimized for both mobile devices and computers will allow you to reach the greatest number of potential customers. Healthcare providers and other MedTech customers must feel confident in your products, regardless of their mobile devices. Optimizing your website creates a responsive design that rearranges the elements on your website in the most logical way depending on the device being used.

3.    Build a Sound Social Media Presence

Millions of Americans and billions of people globally use social media. Though social media is used to keep in contact with loved ones and friends, it is also used to find businesses and evaluate their brands. Social media has become an integral part of daily life, and developing social media accounts of your own provides an avenue to connect with these potential customers. There are two routes to use social media for business promotion— regular posts and targeted advertisements. Both routes allow you to showcase your company’s ideals, products, and future developments, so this is a marketing route that should not be ignored.

4.    Develop an Updated Google My Business Profile

Though social media has become a dependable route to find businesses, Google has remained the most popular way for consumers to search for businesses. The Google My Business feature allows you to build a profile that provides important information like services, hours, and updates. Creating this page and keeping it updated will increase potential customers’ trust in your company as well as make it simpler for current customers to find your business again. Healthcare providers and others in need of medical technology do not have the time to spend hours searching for your company and will instead find another more accessible one.

Improving Your Written Content with Better Content Matters

The written content you choose to display will have an immense effect on your overall digital marketing campaign. The content on your website and other sources tied to your company can immediately be a turn-off for customers if the flow is not natural or your tone constantly changes throughout. Better Content Matters offers exceptional copywriting services that will draw in customers through search engine optimization and keep them there with high-quality content for your website. The professionals on our team can create superior content while you apply your time to other areas that require your expertise.


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