One Small Tip Can Boost Your Digital Campaign During the New Rollout

by | Jan 27, 2020 | Business

Google updates every single day – it’s a search engine that never stops working. That’s one of the many reasons why it’s the most important of them. Don’t worry; most updates don’t affect your day-to-day SEO practices. However, this month Google unleashed an update that will have more far reaching consequences. It will hit some industries harder than others (here’s looking at you, travel industry). 

Keep in mind, Google isn’t doing this to hurt your marketing campaign or force you to hire content writers. Its job isn’t to think about you but rather about how users find what they need. To that end, all updates, big or small, are about improving user experience. Expect every core rollout to disrupt the SEO industry only to the degree that it helps users get the information they need in the fastest way possible. 

When you think about it from that perspective, you and Google really have the same ambitions. 


Google Rollouts Affect All Digital Marketing Campaigns

No matter what your industry is, there are some things about this update that will affect us all. It’s only just now live, so we’re only recently feeling the ramifications of this update (a core update like this one usually takes about two weeks to unroll). In this newest update, Google seems to be trying to be the anti-Facebook. You won’t be able to come at them with accusations of fake news. One aspect of this rollout is to ensure search queries find authorities in the industry first.  

Google is trying to preference authoritative figures in the industry to help users get accurate information. Their ambition is to ensure users are organically reaching the people who have the answers – not necessarily people trying to sell something. For instance, if you’re looking for how cannabis relieves back pain, in the past, you were just as likely to get a doctor as you were a pot seller during such a search. Now, the search emphasis is on those who have authority in the industry. That means if you Google the same query today, you are more likely to get results from doctors rather than cannabis sellers. 

The Best Small Change You Can Make Today to Boost Your Website

For small businesses who aren’t medical firms or marijuana sellers, this may all be a mystery. What you need to know, regardless of what product or service you sell, is that if you are one of the many businesses that throw up blogs without names, Google is going to drop that content further down in the SERPs than it otherwise would have been. 

One easy way to get ahead of that is simple – make sure you have your name and title on your blogs. If Google sees no authority behind your blog writing and other content, it’s going to give recognition to content that does. Again, it’s trying to overcome the obstacles that Facebook and other laxer sources have set up. Google has always given preference to professional authority figures and brands, but that’s even more so now. This most recent rollout will affect small businesses, too. Adding a title and name to your blogs is a simple and easy way to get ahead of it. You don’t have to be a doctor, but if you can create a title that offers authority in your industry, use it. 

A few other easy things to do is write blogs for other companies. It’s called guest blogging, and it does a few things for your SEO campaign. First, it builds your authority. When your name shows up in your blog and on another’s blog, Google pays attention and gives your name some attention. This, in turn, gives your website some attention because you’ve created it using links back to your site – all of which Google’s crawlers consider. 

Quality Writing to Boost Your Business and Its Marketing Campaign

As an authority in the industry, you may not have time to write these blogs – even if you did want to put your name to them. That’s where we can help. From guest blogging to support for your web content and blogs, Better Content Matters has a team you can rely on to assist with your content writing campaign. With a team of writers who have expertise across industries and all writing edited by professionals, you can trust your good name to us. 



Alisa Hummell

Alisa Hummell

Alisa Hummell began her career teaching at Northern Michigan University but found she missed putting pen to paper. She began Better Content Matters with Christie Moll and Kimberlee Henry. Together, they were dedicated to covering a gap in marketing to include boutique writing services that helped clients with their SEO while crafting language that spoke to people – and not just bots. In the wake of AI, that need has grown ever more important.