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Transform Your Content Strategy with Ai Generated Copywriting Services

When it comes to the rapidly evolving worlds of content writing and digital marketing, Better Content Matters embraces the potential of using artificial intelligence (AI) to amplify and supercharge your strategies and output. Our human-centered approach is not about shunning technology but about integrating it in a thoughtful and effective way.

Natural language AI platforms like ChatGPT are powerful and impressive, but they are simply not “good” at copywriting in any traditional sense. Without an advanced understanding of AI prompt writing techniques, your AI output is susceptible to redundancy, stylistic wanderings, and even “hallucinating” false information that can damage your reputation and lower overall trust in your brand. Better Content Matters can help bridge this gap by applying our deep human expertise to AI and other cutting-edge innovations in the SEO and content writing game.

Unlock the Future of Content Creation: Achieving AI-Human Synergy

Better Content Matters has been delivering exceptional copywriting services for over a decade, with many of our copywriters and content strategists having been involved in producing high-performing content and marketing campaigns even longer than that. We know the world of content writing inside and out, and we are well accustomed to leveraging paradigm shifts and new technologies to the advantage of our clients and their projects. More importantly, we achieve this without ever losing focus on the deeply human elements that make written content effective in the first place.

Our premium copywriting and content development offerings still involve 100% original, human-written copy, as we believe this remains the safest strategy for most clients despite the current buzz around AI. However, we do acknowledge the power and potential of AI, especially when it comes to organizing and refining projects that are broad in scope or helping to generate large amounts of content at scale. This is why we offer clients time- and cost-saving AI-powered strategies alongside our traditional, fully human offerings.

BCM’s industry-leading quality standards are maintained from end to end throughout AI-enabled projects through the involvement of talented and well-trained human professionals. All AI output is carefully tweaked and revised by professional writers and editors. It is then subject to our two-fold editing process, just like all of our human-written projects.

The idea of generating hundreds of blogs for free on ChatGPT is tempting for many website operators for obvious reasons. The reality, however, is that AI content performs best when it is first generated by a professional writer with an understanding of the science behind ChatGPT prompts and then meticulously reviewed by a professional editor to ensure quality and consistency. Effective and ethical use of AI in the copywriting space is possible, but in the end requires many of the same “hands on” human touches that a traditionally written project would. BCM can deliver these touches and do so at a high level.

What Are the Limitations of AI?

AI is powerful and exciting, but it will always have its inherent boundaries, no different from any other tool. While AI excels at processing data, recognizing patterns, and synthesizing large amounts of input, it has no ability to understand the nuances of emotional intelligence – critical concepts like persuasion, empathy, confidence, and humor–that are at the core of what BCM’s human writers do every day. While natural language AI platforms can simulate the creation of “new” copy by following and emulating patterns found within its data set, it has no capacity to actually be creative.

AI also falls short in its ability to intimately understand your brand or mission and tailor content accordingly. Consider a scenario where you and your direct competitors are all asking ChatGPT to generate blogs about the same products and services. You might easily increase the total volume of keyword-rich content on your website by 10x in a single day, but those blogs and product descriptions will be nearly identical to your competitors, leaving none of you ahead in the long run… and potentially leaving all of you falling behind other competitors who focused on more strategic, “hands-on” use of AI content.

How Can I Make AI Tools Work for Me?

Effective use of AI tools for copywriting requires a nuanced understanding of both the tools themselves and your own objectives. The team at Better Content Matters excels at getting to know your needs, crafting precise AI prompts to generate copy that aligns with your strategic goals, and then refining that output to ensure it is consistent with your brand and voice.

Alternatively, we can provide custom, human-written copy that sidesteps the pitfalls and challenges of AI altogether.

Better Content Matters – Responsive, Effective AI Content Integration

If your website, online store, blog, or social media feed needs better content to compete in an AI-powered marketplace, BCM can help you find it at the crossroads of new technology and high-quality traditional writing. By combining the longstanding fundamentals of content creation with the emergent power of natural language artificial intelligence, we can build a unique and highly effective content strategy that keeps pace with your industry. Contact us today.