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Human Generated Content from Our Team of Expert Copywriters

In a world increasingly shaped by artificial intelligence and automation, Better Content Matters proudly stands on our reputation for delivering content with a genuine human touch. Our copywriters and editors aren’t just living, breathing human beings–they’re experienced, well-trained professionals representing a diverse array of backgrounds and specialties and boasting a lengthy track record of success in the online content writing space.

Whether you need us to build great web copy from the ground up or add a touch of authenticity and creativity to your existing AI-generated blogs, our commitment to high-performing, hand-crafted content for all industries and audiences remains steadfast in the face of technological evolution.

Why Choose Human-Generated Content?

While it’s true that an AI “copywriter” can put together a readable sentence – and sometimes even an accurate one – real content writers understand that crafting a compelling narrative with finesse is an entirely different matter. Despite strides in AI technology, the critical thinking and creative problem-solving that leads to fully polished, publication-ready copy still requires a well-equipped human mind. With modern content writing strategies, it’s not just about getting the right words onto your webpage so that Google can “find it”… it’s about tailoring how those words are used for maximum impact.

The content writing team at BCM focuses on crafting copy that makes a lasting impression while also meeting all of each client’s specific goals, no matter how demanding or unique. Natural language AI platforms like ChatGPT are quite capable of regurgitating your chosen keywords into content that “sounds right,” but it still takes a team of professional editors and copywriters to build those keywords into a compelling piece of content for your exact purposes, meaning copy that is useful to your audience and in alignment with your overall brand.

Those key human elements – and not keyword density or total volume of content – are what matter most under Google’s latest “EEAT” focused (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) search ranking algorithms.

How Do You Make Website Content Effective?

Effective copywriting for the web can mean totally different things in different situations. You could be embarking on a social media advertising campaign to entice customers, trying to boost your industry profile with “insider” content for a highly technical field, or using copywriting to achieve something else entirely. The vast range of possibilities inherent to the written word is just one more reason you’ll want to have access to the experienced, multi-talented content writing professionals at BCM.

Consider this example: an online clothing retailer with good traffic but slumping sales might need to beef up the product descriptions in their online catalog, while a rebranded restaurant needs a punchy press release to get diners excited for their grand re-opening, and a lawyer needs to post some informative and well-researched blogs with attention to state-specific details so that that they can position themselves as an expert in a new service area. The “right” content for each situation will be quite different, and BCM’s copywriters know how to zoom in on your exact needs.

Effective copywriting doesn’t just mean well-written content. For your content to actually help you achieve your web traffic, search ranking, sales, or customer engagement goals, it needs to fit into your larger SEO, branding, and digital marketing strategies.

Some of the different types of content BCM can produce at a high level include:

  1. Dynamic Blogs. Breathe life into your website with a blog copy that goes beyond SEO and serves as a cornerstone of your online brand. We can deliver blogs that inform, entertain, or empower your audience to act, depending on your unique needs, and we can deliver them on a regular schedule to keep your website feeling fresh and lively, which can be one key to search engine rankings in competitive markets.
  2. Punchy Social Media. The age of putting an intern in charge of your social media account and hoping they’ll post something funny enough to go viral is officially over, as charming as it might have been. In a world of ceaseless scrolling, your social media posts and captions need to captivate from the very first word. With this unique, short-form format, a thoughtful human touch is the only way to ensure your brand’s personality and values come through in every post.
  3. Persuasive Product Descriptions. Many segments of today’s economy are content to shop for products and research services from the comfort of their own home. This means that investing in excellent sales copy is often more important and more cost-effective than hiring sales staff. Let your website go to work for you even when your doors are closed by employing product descriptions that inform the reader and encourage them to make a purchase.
  4. Press Releases that Command Attention. Make your own headlines with highly polished press releases that go beyond mere announcements and tell a captivating story about your brand, your mission, or whatever it is you need to promote.

Better Content Matters: A Crucial Human Touch in an AI World

If you want to reach more customers and need to do it in a fast and cost-effective way, don’t resort to filling your website with generic, redundant, and inaccurate AI blogs or work with fly-by-night budget copywriting services that only serve to make your website less reliable in the end. Instead, reach out to the world-class human content creation pros at Better Content Matters and find out how human-written content can position you for success in an AI-powered marketplace.