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Connect Across Cultures with Our Spanish Content Solutions

¡Hola, se habla español! At Better Content Matters, as professionals in the copywriting and content creation space, we understand the power language has to communicate ideas, bridge gaps, and expand possibilities. Today, close to 15% of the US population speaks Spanish, so we’re here to help you elevate your online presence with expert Spanish language content writing and translation services.

BCM Spanish Language Content Services: Key Considerations and Benefits

  • Bilingual Expertise. Our bilingual Spanish copywriters and editors help guarantee a seamless, nuanced translation of your brand’s identity and mission that goes beyond basic word-for-word conversion between languages. We strive to employ dual language content streams in a way that ensures your message maintains maximum impact and resonance, not merely across different languages but across common cultural barriers as well.

  • Website Localization. When your operation is ready to launch a Spanish-language website, well-written copy in Spanish is only half the battle. We can help you completely tailor your web pages for Spanish-speaking audiences. From landing pages to individual product descriptions, our full-service copywriting and website localization products ensure a seamless user experience upon entry into Spanish-language digital marketplaces.
  • Spanish Language SEO. BCM can help you capture the attention of Spanish-speaking audiences with powerful, SEO-driven content. Because of subtle differences between languages, your Spanish-speaking users might be using completely different search phrases than their literal English translations. We can help fine-tune your keyword research and selection for marketing to Spanish-speaking segments of the population.
  • Expanded Reach. Whether you’re a small business, a non-profit, or a digital media agency selling business-to-business services, our expert English/Spanish copywriting services help you connect with more people in your diverse industry.
  • Cultural Sensitivity. Creating a Spanish language section of your website instantly helps millions of potential customers feel more welcome, but BCM’s dual language content writing services take it a step further. We know that many emotional and cultural concepts are expressed differently in English and Spanish, sometimes in extremely nuanced ways. Our bilingual copywriters understand these details, ensuring nothing is lost in translation.

Should I Translate My Website?

Your website’s content should be informed by your specific goals. If reaching more potential customers is one of those goals, it’s worth considering that your online presence is potentially a gateway to audiences who speak languages other than your own. To put it another way, working with BCM to translate your website into Spanish can open doors to over 50 million Spanish speakers in the United States alone.

A truly comprehensive approach to Spanish SEO and bilingual digital marketing doesn’t end at translating your website, however. You need to think on a detail-oriented level and also ask yourself questions like:

  • Is translation good for SEO?
    • Yes! As long you’re marketing the right content to the proper audience and tidying up your website’s metadata and backend to support bilingual content, translating your website and other customer-facing resources can represent a serious SEO boost.
  • Should I translate URLs?
    • Yes! Translating your URLs is also considered best practice, as it helps search engines find your Spanish language web copy and serve it to the correct audience. It also provides a more user-friendly experience for your Spanish-speaking visitors.
  • Is Google Translate for Spanish accurate enough to process my content automatically?
    • No! While they’re extremely convenient and powerful, automatic tools like Google Translate lack the cultural nuances and emotional context that ensure true accuracy and impactful communications. BCM’s human-driven approach does require more time and investment than running your blog through an online translator, but it also ensures precision and results.

Better Content Matters – Foster Cross-Cultural Connections Today

If you’re ready to break through language barriers and connect with a wider audience, contact Better Content Matters to learn more about our Spanish-language writing, editing, translation, and SEO services.