Simple Tips to Improve Your SEO

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To improve your SEO, you need to improve your words.

For a company to stay ahead of the competition, it’s crucial to implement a strong social media marketing strategy. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a huge part of that strategy. It’s important to use these tactics to your advantage. SEO isn’t static, meaning it needs some regular upkeep. It’s a little like one of those digital pets Gen Xers had as kids, Tamagotchi. Pay attention to it and feed it now and then, and you’ll have a friend for life – or as long as the battery lasts.

Like Tamagotchi, your website content needs a similar kind of attention, and thinking of it as a live thing can help you realize the kind of maintenance you need to implement.

How to Feed Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Here are some marketing strategies that can improve your website’s ranking:

  • Integrate Across Channels. Businesses know they should be engaging with social media on many platforms – that’s called multi-channeling. When you integrate those channels to market your brand, it’s called cross-channeling. Cross-channeling depends on a strong multi-channeling strategy, so consider your target audience and decide which platforms best suits them.
  • Invest in Quality Content. With each new algorithm Google releases, quality content writing becomes more crucial. Your website should look clean, have well-written pieces, and include a blog. Update this content with some frequency – website content decays over time. Either revamp older content or create more. Don’t leave out content for your social media pages, and pay attention to prime times for posting.
  • Positive UX. Millennials don’t wait around for slow load times, especially when the competition is a click away. They may not be the only ones in your target audience, but they are the biggest part of the purchasing market. They will expect a positive user experience, or UX, and they’ll move on if your content development doesn’t provide it.
  • Be Cautious with Keyword Strings. Leveraging keywords to your advantage is an important practice for any SEO marketing plan, but when you stuff content full of strings that don’t make grammatical sense, Google will ping you for it. Today, users find what they need through semantic searches, which means searches rely on the meaning of words. Use that to your advantage when creating content.
  • Optimize for Mobile. Last year, Google announced it was changing its algorithms and indexing for mobile first, which means if you have a mobile site and a desktop site, it will optimize for mobile first because that’s where most people search. Considering that alone, if your website isn’t optimized for mobile, it’s already behind.

Leverage Algorithms to Improve Your SEO

And though this is a good list, it’s not exhaustive. Google consistently updates its algorithms to improve its ranking system, which means you’ll need to transform your content writing with each update, too. Speaking of which, previous strategies, such as black hat tactics like link-hiding and keyword stuffing, were all the rage for SEO optimization in the early days. Today, those kinds of strategies can get your website demoted and penalized. Make sure your content marketing plan is updated to consider the latest algorithms.

When in Doubt, Delegate to Professional Content Writers

When you are looking to improve your business’s website, it helps to know what’s working. Google Analytics offers real insight and can help your business make the most out of your marketing plan, but it’s equally important not to tackle it all on your own. Keeping your business competitive in the digital age is itself a full-time job. When you find tools to help, leverage them. Delegate tasks that stop you from doing the work of running your business.

Website design and upkeep aren’t really options in today’s world. If you have a business, whether it’s online or brick-and-mortar, you need to invest in a marketing plan that includes quality content writing and a strong social media marketing strategy. Technology is driving changes across industries, and while you don’t have to stay current on all the best practices, website upkeep is crucial for keeping your business current.

To help improve your SEO strategy, get help from a team of professional writers like those at Better Content Matters. We understand how to write for SEO and can help your business shine.


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