The Importance of Quality Content for Law Firms

by | Jul 6, 2020 | Business

Content is far and away the most important aspect of modern digital marketing. The phrase “content is king” is a well-known mantra among modern marketing professionals, and it holds true for virtually every kind of business with an online presence. Content is especially vital for organizations operating in highly competitive fields, and the legal field is certainly no exception. 

When it comes to the legal industry, law firms all over the country face an incredible level of competition. There are likely dozens of other law firms in your service area, all vying for the top spots in Google search results. The good news? Quality content can help you outshine your competition online. 

If you want to position your law firm as the best choice for legal representation in your county, city, or state, you need content that not only helps you land on top of Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs) but also provides visitors to your site with impactful and valuable information in a format they can easily understand.

Accurate and Relatable Content Is Critical for Modern American Law Firms

Law firms provide an important professional service, thus the content they publish to their websites must be much higher quality than one would typically see on any other small to medium-sized business’s website. Additionally, law firms must ensure the content they publish is accessible. The legal field is full of jargon and complex terms and concepts. Law firms must not only present this critical information accurately, but also provide it in such a way that the average person can read and understand it with minimal effort. 

Publishing content to a law firm’s website is a delicate balancing act. Many law firms attempting to produce their own content might find it hard to explain legal principles and concepts in a relatable way. Most attorneys are used to interpreting the law from a professional perspective and might find it hard to untangle legal concepts at basic levels. Answers to frequently asked legal questions and examples from past cases must be explained in a way that the average website visitor can easily understand. 

Creating Content for the Intended Audience Helps You Dominate SEO  

In the early days of internet marketing, the goal of the game was to pack as many targeted keywords into the content published to your site as humanly possible, whether the end product was readable or not. This ensured your website was among the top of SERPs for searches that included those keywords. However, “keyword stuffing” is no longer a viable strategy as Google has dramatically refined their search engine’s algorithms over the past several years. In fact, websites that practice keyword stuffing are demoted and often penalized. 

It’s absolutely essential to publish content intended for human readers while gearing that content for search engine optimization (SEO). This means including targeted keywords naturally within written content that captures the attention of search engine users who need the legal services your firm provides. It’s easy to see how some law firms might find it difficult to consistently ensure their content is readable, relevant, and accurate while also ticking all the necessary boxes for SEO success. 

Ultimately, crafting high-quality content intended for your prospective clients not only helps you improve your SEO results but also positions your firm as a trustworthy legal authority. Whether your firm offers personal injury claim representation, criminal defense counsel, or a variety of professional legal services, the content you publish to your firm’s website must demonstrate your skills, experience, and ability to relate to your target audience. 

Accurate and Comprehensive Content Is Crucial for Modern Law Firms

When an individual is searching online for a lawyer, they are likely experiencing some level of desperation. They need answers and reassurance as quickly as possible. When they browse through the attorneys available in their area, there are certain markers that will stand out to them and force them to take notice. One of these markers is the content published to an attorney’s site. 

Lawyers and their supporting staff members have a professional duty to stay up to date on the latest changes to the law, the latest case results that pertain to their practice areas, and current events that affect the legal industry. It’s vital to convey this information to website visitors not only to offer them the best experiences possible while on the site but also to ensure the site does not suffer a negative SEO impact by publishing outdated, incomplete, or inaccurate information. Sites that update regularly with fresh content geared for SEO tend to notice the best results and remain at the top of the competitive pool in their market sectors.

When someone needs legal services and they go online to research their current legal predicament and find potential representatives, they need the most accurate and up-to-date information available. That kind of content helps you and them – they can make a confident decision about the lawyer they choose to represent them and search engines see your website as an authoritative source. The content on your law firm’s website should be as thorough as possible, including frequently asked questions about specific practice areas, case examples, and as much supporting information as possible. 

Crafting content around the keywords most relevant to your target audience not only helps you develop more robust content but also ensures your content reaches the top of Google SERPs and gets in front of the eyes of potential clients as seamlessly as possible. 

Invest in a More Successful Content Strategy

The legal field is incredibly demanding. Some legal teams may find it impossible to manage the balancing act that is developing high-quality content that achieves high optimization but also resonates with the average website visitor. A professional written content development service can be a tremendous asset to any law firm that wants to position their team ahead of the pack and provide potential clients with the information and reassurance they need to make an informed and confident decision about their attorneys.

Better Content Matters provides polished legal content for all practice areas, from all the branches of civil litigation to the various sectors of criminal defense. Our writers are also accomplished researchers, able to carefully examine state and local laws to craft content for your local audience that not only helps you achieve your SEO goals but also provides readers with valuable, relatable, and reassuring legal information. 

Contact Better Content Matters today for more information about the legal writing services our team can provide and how they can help you boost your law firm’s online presence.


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