The Merge of Tech and Sports

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Technology has become so sophisticated in the last decade that the advancements are hard to keep up with. From phones to clouds and even cars, the merge of tech and sports becomes more obvious. it seems like every day, something is made to function more streamlined. Thinking back to the early 2010s, 5G was not even thought of yet; we were still all operating on 3G. Social media was mainly accessed via your laptop or desktop, not via your phone. Even cars have not yet made the big jump to being electric vehicles (EVs). With such rapid advancements in technology to big portions of our lives, it’s no surprise that they soon hit the sports world as well.

The merge of tech and sports is happening without many people even realizing it. Nothing is better than sitting on your couch with a cold drink and enjoying a live sports game, and you hardly notice the smart device in your hand. But with recent technological advances and new government legislation, you don’t have to sit back and just watch. You can take an active role in the games right from your phone.

Safety for the Players

Sports have made many technological advancements in the last decade. The majority of these surround the safety of the games and how games are broadcasted. Players can now utilize special software in shoes or through wearing bands that tell them how they have performed and/or their recovery time. This is helpful for coaches and trainers to know when evaluating players for the next game and training exercises.

Helmets have made vast improvements for safety involving trauma or contact with other players. Regarding broadcasting, you can access games via your phone and not just your tv. The cameras are also so sophisticated now that they give the ability to track specific players in the game. All of these advancements have cumulated to make sports more enjoyable to watch and actively participate in.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is one-way technology and sports are merging. It may seem like a foreign language, from prop bets to parlays, even the words are new. And that’s not even considering the many different apps you can use. The reality is that sports betting is as simple as downloading an app and clicking a button. Choosing between the different apps can be particularly tricky since they all claim to offer similar but different things. Each of the apps, and their perspective owners, use content scaling for their online digital marketing campaigns. This means during baseball season, you may see more apps giving you offers on baseball games. During football season, you may see more apps giving you offers on football games. Not only do the different apps try to target you based on the sports season, but they also use storytelling to further draw you in. For example, Caesar’s sportsbook uses a pseudo “Caesar” in their advertising and claims all the app’s users are Caesars. This implies that each user is an emperor of betting and can consider themselves a betting expert.

Fantasy Sports

While online sports betting may be exciting and on the newer side, fantasy sports has been around for a while. This activity has also taken recent technological advances. Before the apps for fantasy sports existed, people needed to use a newspaper and a pen and paper to keep track of their team’s points throughout the season.

Now, everything is tracked at the touch of your fingertips in an app. These apps are so sophisticated now that they will give real-time updates on the player status and point predictions based on trends around the league. You also have the option when drafting your team to do an auto draft. So, for the more casual fan out there that doesn’t have three hours to devote to a draft but still wants to partake in a league, you can rely on the power of AI to draft your team for you. AI uses league projections, player spots, past year stats, and more to help you draft the best team possible.

Enhanced Fan Experiences

Even if you don’t participate in sports betting or fantasy sports, there is still a way for you to get even more out of watching your favorite sports teams. Some people prefer to watch their favorite teams in real-time, while others (whether due to schedule conflicts or personal preference) would rather watch later. In October of 2022, Major League Baseball announced a large partnership with Google Cloud. This partnership will give fans even more access to baseball than they already have.

Leveraging Google Cloud will mean faster downloading and streaming speeds for fans while also allowing access to content from places that may have otherwise been restricted. This partnership will also allow fans to access past content from games through an online film and video archive. Baseball fans will be able to search for their favorite games and plays in this archive, which gives them even more access to their favorite content.

Instant Replays

Instant replays have advanced drastically in the last few years. From the use of tablets on the sidelines to specialized cameras that maneuver across the field via cables (sky cam), referees and replay officials have all the information needed to call the plays. By the time the referee hits the sidelines to look over the play, they will already have all the different camera footage from the play to make their call.

When watching from home, you even get the opportunity to view some of these angles on your own screen. This helps you feel like you are a part of the game and calling the game right there with the refs. All of this helps ensure the game moves along more quickly and minimizes interruptions to the fan experience.

The merge of technology and sports has proven to make our lives a lot more enjoyable. You can now take an active role in your favorite sports games and have even more to cheer for. A plane ticket is no longer required to Las Vegas, Nevada, to place a bet on your favorite team, just as a pen and paper are no longer required for you to partake in fantasy sports. Ultimately, technology has opened the door for more people to get enjoyment from a sport in multiple ways.

The changes in technology are astonishing when comparing today’s games to 10, 20, and even 30 years ago. From safety regulations to improved tv cameras, sports are more accessible and fun to watch than ever before. This makes you wonder, what will they all look like in the next 10-30 years?

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