The Power of Inclusive Marketing

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Businesses can’t thrive if they neglect the marketing side of things. Marketing is essential in how we demonstrate products and show what it’s like to own whatever it is we’re selling. Inclusive marketing is simply extending your strategy. If businesses don’t market, no one will know their products exist. When we see advertisements on TV or social media, we begin to wonder what it would be like if we owned a certain product. However, some businesses only factor in a certain demographic in their marketing campaign when they could attempt to be more inclusive.

Inclusivity isn’t just a nice quality to have in your business, but it’s also something your business needs to succeed today. If you wish to expand your audience and improve sales, consider the following tips.

Consider All Backgrounds

No one has the same upbringing or experiences. Therefore, it’s essential to think about how you market your product to everyone, not just one demographic. You may draw in one demographic if you target them, but you may also draw in from a vast array of other demographics if you use inclusive marketing.

Listen Attentively

It’s incredibly easy to think we’re doing the right thing when listening to people who share our exact views. However, some debating is necessary to move forward, and marketing is no different. It’s crucial to speak with others who aren’t in leadership roles for their opinions. Not only does this show inclusivity in the workplace, but this will shine through your marketing. Businesses that only operate within an echo chamber can only maintain their current demographic at best. Plus, potential customers will notice this and look elsewhere if your values don’t align.

Take Your Time

You may feel you have a clear idea that can’t fail. Before you do anything, though, take a second and think things over. You may have overlooked a detail or based your marketing strategy on a previous and outdated one. If your marketing campaign relies on stereotypes or bias, you may want to reconsider what your plan is and be more inclusive.

Empathize With Others

Meeting someone with a completely different background can be a wonderful time as you both learn more about each other and your different experiences. This can translate into your marketing strategy as well. You may think your message will reach everyone, but this isn’t always true. Rather than make an assumption about how people will perceive your marketing campaign, use empathy. Truly get to know people who have different perspectives from yours and attempt to include them in your marketing.

Learn Every Day

You can’t change or learn anything new when you don’t have additional perspectives from others. Some businesses may try to target an additional demographic only to fail, but this can be used as a learning opportunity. Your business can figure out what’s not working and make adjustments.

The Benefits of Inclusivity Marketing

You may own a business and think you don’t need to adjust your marketing strategy. However, by excluding other demographics and ignoring perspectives different from your own, you risk losing potential customers. There are several benefits to inclusivity, including:

  • Increased Loyalty and Reputation. Inclusivity is appealing to many customers, and if you demonstrate your values through your marketing, you can see an increase in both sales and customers. If a brand doesn’t align with a demographic’s values, it’ll struggle to draw them in. In a world where social media and the internet reign supreme, your reputation is essential in determining your success.
  • More Innovation. When you have an entire group of people with different backgrounds coming together, new ideas and perspectives are brought forth. When your marketing campaign includes diversity, more people may find your products appealing.
  • Better Communication. What we say and how we say it can directly influence how our businesses will fare. Your business should consider its regional language and use words and phrases that draw people in. Someone who sees your ad for a product may not look into it because they don’t understand what the ad is supposed to be or say. Acknowledging other demographics teaches you how to be a better communicator, which can be reflected in your marketing.

Your business can revise your marketing strategy to be more inclusive, spreading the word about your product or service and enhancing your reputation.

Inclusive Marketing Works

It’s normal to have doubts about inclusivity, and many brands had to carefully examine their practices to determine if change was necessary. Some of those brands have become more inclusive over the past several years, and this has greatly benefitted them.

Businesses that incorporate more inclusive values have become more successful in doing so. For example, Aerie, owned by American Eagle, stopped using photo retouching and instead used authentic images for advertising their clothing. Women began to feel seen through this campaign, and many women still purchase Aerie-brand clothing today.

Some brands understood their mistakes and actively made adjustments to their marketing campaign. For instance, Dove understood that they were excluding many different women due to their narrow perspective of beauty. However, they acknowledged the criticism and created the “Real Beauty” campaign, featuring women of many different sizes, ages, races, and more. This campaign has lasted for nearly 20 years, and it continues to be effective.

We Can Help You Be More Inclusive

Marketing can be a tricky field to work in, as everyone is trying to draw in customers and prove they’re better than others. Some businesses lack inclusivity, however, and this prevents them from truly excelling in today’s era. By being inclusive both at work and through your campaign, everyone’s voices are heard. When people feel seen and understood, they’re likely to surround themselves with people who include them. You may not know how to make adjustments to be inclusive, but we can help.

Our team at Better Content Matters is proud to be diverse, with multiple perspectives coming together to help clients improve their writing and marketing. Your business should be inclusive not just because it’s right but because it’s also effective. To learn more about how we can help, contact our team today.

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