TikTok, the New Way to Promote Your Business

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In 2020 TikTok rose to fame, capturing the attention of millions of viewers all around the world with its creative and fun short video clips. Specifically targeting Gen Z, TikTok is lighthearted and about expressing your creativity in a quirky way. With an algorithm that is formulated based on a user’s engagement and preferences, your TikTok feed is not just filled with the content of your followers but with numerous videos targeting your specific likes and interests.

Unlike many other social media platforms, TikTok is an easy-to-use app that does not require any former knowledge in editing or video making. Anyone can make a TikTok if they have a phone and the app. This is one of the many reasons businesses spend less time on platforms like Instagram Reels. When they want to make video content, they can simply jump onto TikTok.

Why TikTok Is More Preferred than Reels

Many businesses are choosing to leave Instagram because they are receiving less engagement on their posts. This is largely due to a change in the viewing algorithm that occurred in 2021. Instagram, which used to be primarily a photo-sharing social media platform, has recently introduced a new video sharing feature, which prioritizes users who share short 30 second videos called Reels over users who are just posting pictures. Reels, which are filmed and recorded in the app, are deemed to be a copycat of TikTok. Still, since the new Instagram algorithm focuses on Reels’ engagement, many businesses are getting less engagement on their normal posts.

Unlike TikTok, Reels requires high content videos that are not always user-friendly to users with no video editing experience. In addition, TikTok is proving to be more experimental than Instagram. Instagram, which often is known for precision and the highest quality content, does not always fare well with experimental content. Users can often suffer a loss of followers or views if their content does not live up to viewers’ expectations. Therefore, many businesses are faced with the hard decision of whether they should learn the new skills involved in quality video making or if they should leave Instagram altogether and move to a new platform such as TikTok as a primary way of advertising their business.

TikTok is becoming the preferred platform for promoting brands because, unlike Instagram or other image-driven sites, users who have few followers can still receive high engagement on their videos. Obtaining a higher level of engagement also helps your SEO. Users will want to click on your profile if they like your content, which can lead to them finding and accessing your brand. Utilizing popular hashtags can also get videos circulating no matter how many followers an account has. This is helpful to businesses who are looking to grow, especially amongst Gen Z.

Why Is TikTok Successful in Promoting Businesses?

  • Promotes Authenticity – The general public enjoys content that they can relate to. A stiff, structured advertisement that is often seen on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram often gets overlooked because it does not engage with the viewers. With TikTok, businesses can be authentic to their brand while channeling their creativity as a company and making themselves relatable to their viewers.
  • Raises Brand Awareness – In a similar regard to your viewers wanting to relate to your business, they also want to see you. Graphic artists can spend hours on a visually appealing design for your company but lack the real workers performing the job. TikTok gives businesses a chance to show off who they really are. If people are able to see actual faces, they are more likely to interact with your business.
  • Engages With a Younger Audience – Since 60% of TikTok users are between the ages of 16 and 24, companies that are trying to target or include a younger audience have greater success using TikTok than any other platform.

How Can Your Business Successfully Use TikTok?

If your business is new to TikTok or you are considering creating a TikTok profile, consider these tips to achieve more views on your videos and create higher engagement on your business profile.

  • Craft Tutorials – One example of successful and relatable advertising is being performed by the makeup brand Fenty. To advertise their products, Fenty uses TikTok to post makeup tutorials, which serve to showcase product launches and real uses of their makeup. Since tutorials are some of TikTok’s most popular content, brands of all sorts can use this technique to successfully promote their brand.

Clothing companies can show a new line of clothes by showcasing a tutorial of models modeling the outfits. Restaurants and cafes can do a behind-the-scenes scope involving the preparation or decoration of some of their new dishes, cocktails, or desserts.

  • Interact with Popular/Current Media – Oftentimes, TikToks are more successful if they interact with popular media. This type of interaction should remain fun and lighthearted. Stick to crowd-pleasing topics and videos that will make your viewers laugh. This is a great way to show that your business is having fun.

Utilizing new, popular songs in your video clips as well as recreating viral TikToks in a new and funny way are great ways for your business to get a start in creating videos that are sure to catch the eye of viewers.

  • Engage with Influencers – TikTok influencers know what they are doing and are experts at navigating the platform and achieving the maximum number of views. If you are seeking to obtain more views, it might be wise to consider working with an influencer. Before reaching out, ensure that the influencer has worked with similar products before so that you know that they are capable of best-promoting your brand.

Major Businesses that Have Had Success Using TikTok

  • Nike – To better promote their products, Nike showcases real athletes wearing and engaging with their products. Their videos showcase skill, determination, and incredible talent. They vary their videos by including health/workout tips, personal stories of success, and tutorials.
  • Mr. Beast Burger – Started by YouTube star Jimmy Donaldson, Mr. Beast Burger has been a major success due to its popularity on TikTok. Within three months of opening in 2020, Mr. Beast Burger had sold one million burgers. Their videos, which utilize popular media, music, and celebrities, show people having fun eating and enjoying their burgers. The businesses’ major success, along with the success of many other restaurants on TikTok, has even prompted TikTok to start its own online dining website.
  • Crocs – The famous shoe company crocs gained significant popularity on TikTok after posting a challenge inspired by Post Malone lyrics asking their viewers what their Crocs would look like if they cost $1,000. The results of this challenge were an 18% increase in their followers.
  • The Washington Post – To engage viewers, The Washington Post uses comedy to spread news to its viewers. Their TikToks gain news recognition while still appealing to a younger generation with a shorter attention span. As one of the first brands to turn to TikTok for advertising, The Washington Post varies its videos to constantly keep things new and up to date while retaining interest.

Don’t Mistake Social Media Engagement for SEO

While leveraging social media to increase engagement with your brand is part of a strong digital campaign, it won’t boost your web traffic– at least not without your help. Both search engine optimization and social media strategy are part of the digital marketing puzzle, but they are their own lane; that’s especially true of social media platforms that are image-driven or primarily videos. To be sure to get the most out of your social media, find ways to include written content; from subtitles on TikTok to image descriptors for your website media, words are part of the magic trick that helps users find you.

Boost Your Brand With a Comprehensive Marketing Campaign

With social media trends constantly changing, it is important to ensure that your business receives proper engagement and SEO. At Better Content Matters, we can’t make your video, but we can craft blogs and web content for all types of industries. You memorize the next TikTok dance, and we’ll write the blog to accompany it for your website. If you are looking for assistance with publishing the best content for your company, contact us today for help.


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