What Is White Label Content Marketing?

by | Jul 24, 2023 | Business

At times it can be hard to distinguish between the next business and marketing fad and what’s here to stay. It’s understandable that when you hear of something called “white label content marketing,” you might be on guard that someone’s trying to sell you on the “next big thing” that no one will remember in five years. When you hear that, it could also help you:

  • Save time 
  • Save money
  • Boost sales

Your radar is on full alert. That’s understandable. Hearing that white label content marketing is the process of hiring another company to produce content that you can then package as your own still isn’t going to persuade anyone as to the legitimacy of the idea. So before we consider just how white label content marketing can benefit a business, it’s important to understand why it works. 

Adam Smith and the Assembly Line

White label content marketing is going to be a staple of commerce for a long time to come. The reason for that is its foundation is one of the most established, powerful mechanisms in commerce and production. It’s an idea that is more or less responsible for launching the field of economics, and it’s more important today than ever.

Adam Smith is often considered to be the father of economics. While much of his economic teaching has been discredited at this point, there is one element of his magnum opus, The Wealth of Nations, that is as true as ever. He discusses the process of making a pin and how production can be exponentially increased by dividing the components of making a pin into specialties rather than having individual workers do the process from start to finish. He elaborated, perhaps better than anyone to that point in history, the benefits of specialization. Elaboration, though, isn’t as impactful as putting it into practice.

We often hear of Henry Ford as the father of the modern assembly line. Some might quibble with the truth of that, but he at least was the first person to use it to such tremendous effect. The assembly line is constructed around taking advantage of the process of specialization. It’s the fundamentals of division of labor that make the assembly line so effective. It’s that same set of fundamentals at the root of white label content marketing as well.

The Digital Assembly Line

Like agriculture before it, manufacturing has receded in the public consciousness in favor of the next thing. That next thing is the technological revolution and the digital marketplace. This shift has made it harder for us to recognize the kind of assembly line process that still exists. However, in each business, processes and specializations still exist. 

For instance, just consider a rough overview of what a white label content marketing business does. Representatives work with clients to understand the content they need. They give that information to a project manager who sets tasks for the different components of content production. Writers research and write the content. Editors and proofreaders each go over the content to ensure its appropriateness and quality. A few more parties get involved and ensure it is packaged and formatted correctly before it is finally handed off to the client. Each of these groups is their own specialty, handling the next process in the digital assembly line.

Digital Outsourcing

Sometimes the value of specialization and division of labor benefits are so significant it warrants them being housed in their own businesses. This is especially true when an element of production is very different from the other things a producer does. We see this regularly in manufacturing. Automobile companies often outsource things like their vehicle’s electronic components because it is sufficiently distinct from most of their other manufacturing. This also frees up their resources to focus on the kind of manufacturing that aligns with the company’s base of knowledge. 

The same thing is now starting to occur in the digital space as well. Web developers, app developers, and digital marketing companies are all examples of companies that take on outsourced work. They exist as separate entities because the work they do is sufficiently complex, specialized, and outside the scope of a business’s typical operations. It’s into this category of work that white label SEO falls.

SEO and Content Marketing Are Here to Stay

White label content marketing is a sub-specialization of the specialization of search engine optimization. As long as SEO exists, so will the need for content marketing. SEO is not going anywhere soon, as search continues to be the primary way that many businesses first connect with customers. 

As artificial intelligence begins to enter the space, SEO will likely become all the more important, with content marketing in particular, as it is a means of demonstrating expertise. In particular, white label content marketing that is written by real people, not AI, will be especially valuable as AI-written content will be identified and downgraded as not being demonstrative of real expertise. The importance of SEO, which is difficult to overstate these days, is at the core of why content marketing is needed. It’s the specialization of white label content marketing that makes it particularly valuable for your business. 


White Label Content Marketing

SEO is its own specialty. Content marketing is its own specialty within that. Companies can’t afford to not take SEO and content marketing seriously, so they are left with two choices: create an in-house team to manage it or outsource it. 

More often than not, there’s just not enough SEO work to be done to justify the expense of hiring an employee to do the work. At the same time, the work is so specialized that giving the area as part-time work to another employee focused on their primary task inevitably results in inadequate output. This is why working with an outside firm tends to be the best option for many. Like automobile manufacturers with electronics, the specialty is sufficiently different than working with a firm specializing in that output, creating a better overall product. 

White label content marketing takes that even a step further. Most SEO content is writing, and writing is widely understood to be its own kind of specialty. Content writing is even more a specialty unto its own as the ability to produce something that is simultaneously seen as credible by search engines while also being readable and engaging for people following a link is a particular brand of writing that someone like a novelist or speech writer may not be able to do. It’s this hyper-specialization that can make white label content marketing such an asset for your business.

The Benefits of White Label Content Marketing

To understand the benefits of white label content marketing, we can look all the way back to Adam Smith because the benefits of it are the benefits of specialization. They include:

  • Learning by Doing. One of the benefits Smith attributed to specialization was that people got better at a particular task because they were able to focus on it and learn all the subtle ways they could perform the task quicker and to a higher quality. For content marketers, the more they write and work to implement SEO techniques while creating content that provides value to readers, the more they are able to do both tasks well. They learn subtle techniques that allow them to produce content that serves both needs, which is exactly what businesses need from content marketing.
  • Special Tools. Smith observed that workers who focused on a narrow task tended to be the people who developed tools that assisted them in that task. The same is true of content marketing, where producers of the content may develop specialized workflows or digital processes that help them produce their content more quickly without sacrificing quality.

These two benefits of specialized content production become even more valuable when put to use by companies using white label content marketing services. They can take the content created and use it as their own. What this means is the ultimate benefit any business can hope to gain: efficiency.

Greater Efficiency from White Label Content Marketing

What makes efficiency so valuable to any business is that it can be used in so many different ways. More efficiency can mean: 

  • More Revenue. As your SEO improves from better content marketing and your product or service is strong, the sales will often follow. 
  • More Time. Outsourcing your content marketing frees up work hours within the business for other tasks.
  • Lower Costs. Often, someone doing content marketing in-house isn’t a specialist in the field and can take far longer to accomplish the task than a specialist. This is why it can often be more cost-effective to work with an outside firm.
  • Less Distraction. If what you do is sell real estate or practice law, and that is your specialization, then you are better served by having more mental bandwidth to turn toward those efforts. 
  • Expansion. Perhaps you understood the value of content marketing and wanted to do more but lacked the capacity. The greater efficiency of working with a white label content marketer can allow you to produce more on your site.

However you choose to use the greater efficiency you gain from working with white label content is up to you. If you’re ready to see the advantages of white label content for your business, then contact us at Better Content Matters. We produce white label content across industries. Our team works hard to understand what you are looking for and deliver it. We look forward to hearing from you.


Derick Jelley