What Kind of Content Writing Best Suits Your Business

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Content writing has become the catchall phrase for the words businesses and organizations need to create their digital campaigns. Like non-digital writing, though, there are a lot of categories of writers. To determine what kind of writing you need for your business, first consider your goal. Are you hoping to have professionally written web content to ensure the legitimacy of your brand? Or are you looking for funny social media posts to link back to your website? Do you need an eBook that would offer value to your clients so that they turn to you as a trusted source? As you can imagine, that’s only the first level of content writing services that might be necessary for your website. 

Like non-digital copy, the kind of writing you need depends on what you need it for, and there are many different types of writers – but not all of them can do all the different types of writing that an organization might need. Some content writers excel at creative copy that helps websites stand apart while creating a voice for their brand identity, but they don’t tend to be grant writers. Consider these types of content writing professionals to determine what you are looking for when you hire content writing services

Types of Content Writers

SEO Copywriter. Writers who specialize in search engine optimization tackle a lot of things at once. They must craft blogs that offer some value to readers, but the writing must be rich in keywords so search engines will notice them. However, they can’t use too many keywords or Google will penalize the site. SEO writers must also consider the complex placement of links and geomarketing for SEO when they write. When you hire content writers for blogging and SEO, you’re working with marketers who specialize in writing as a way to attract business. 

Social Media Writers. SEO writers and social media writing usually go hand-in-hand, but writing for Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, and Twitter is its own specialty, especially when you consider each of them need to be united in voice but specific to the platform. For instance, Insta and Snap are both image-driven but need writing to accompany the pictures. Facebook and Twitter rely on content first, but you often need an interesting image to get noticed. And the writing is varied for each as well. Though Facebook and Twitter are more for words, the words you use should be different. Pithy works on Twitter but not on Facebook, where people are looking for more positive vibes. 

Industry Specialists. The challenging thing about hiring a writer for content is that their profession is writing – not the industry that your business is in. That’s why many writers dedicate themselves to becoming industry experts. They write about an industry enough to craft longform content, ebooks, whitepapers, and evergreen copy for specific industries. In fact, some writers spend time learning the written language of a few kinds of industries to become a writing expert for that field. 

Technical Writers. Tech writers create words that people can use to follow directions. Their job isn’t to get Google to notice the words they write but rather to ensure that users are able to follow their instructions to accomplish a goal. Tech writers craft content like: 

  • Manuals
  • Instructions
  • How-to guides
  • FAQs
  • Specs for products

A technical writer and an SEO writer may work for the same company, but their jobs are very different. 

Grant Writers. Grant writers are a special blend of tech writer, researcher, and creative thinker. Successful grant writers must tell a convincing story while following all the technical aspects of each grant’s requirements. They must marry creativity and precision, and hiring a professional can vastly improve the odds of obtaining a grant. Hiring a grant writer tends to be more expensive than other types of writers, but their attention to detail and inside knowledge make hiring them worth it if big money is on the line. 

A Word About Influencers

One type of writing we didn’t mention is influencer writing because it’s more about a personality than it is about words. Some larger organizations hire personalities to influence people to market their product or service. For instance, a fashion blogger may be writing about the latest trends with links to how to buy those trends. Sometimes, these are people who simply share their opinions, but most of the time, these are people who get a cut of whatever someone purchases from the links on their blogs. 

Businesses are leveraging the influencer’s audience to market themselves. Keep in mind, though, that using an influencer may produce a halo effect for you, but horns are also a possibility. You can’t control what the influencer posts or the cultural reaction to it. 

How to Choose a Writer

Knowing who to hire for your content writing depends a lot on what your ambition for writing is, but most businesses need more than one type of content writer. Boost your rankings and increase traffic with help from a blog writer, but a social media writer in conjunction can transform your campaign for the better. 

Fortunately, when you work with Better Content Matters, all your bases are covered. We have a team of experienced content writers who work together to offer quality content for whatever your needs are. From grant and technical writing to eBooks and social media campaigns, you can trust our experience across industries to produce content that works for you. 


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