What Should I Post on My Business’s Social Media?

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Business

Regardless of your industry, you likely understand that marketing in today’s digital landscape means leveraging social media. Once you’ve determined where you should start posting (here’s a hint, Facebook, Twitter, and Insta should all be on your agenda), knowing what to post can get a little tricky, especially when you need to come up with new content daily (for Facebook/Insta) and many times a day for a platform like Twitter. 

Content writers have a knack for finding the best pieces of individual blogs to use in clips for your social media campaign, but that can’t be your only source for postings. It is a great start, but it’s only that – a start. Here’s some advice on what you should be posting to your business’s social media accounts to increase your engagement and, hopefully, drive users to your site, boosting your traffic. 

Three Is a Magic Number 

Many businesses let inspiration guide them when it comes to both content writing and their social media strategy. Unfortunately, inspiration rarely strikes as often as you need it to for crafting quality posts. It helps to have a plan in place; sometimes that helps drive the ideas. Remember, too, that digital marketing is a different animal than anything Gordan Gekko could have imagined, so don’t follow his (really scary) advice, ABC, “Always Be Closing.” 

Always working to close deals may have worked for 1980s high-end real estate, but, in today’s world, that can cost you followers and, therefore, customers. No one wants to feel like they are constantly being sold to, especially in the space where they are looking at baby pics or following their favorite celebrity. 

How to Craft Social Media With the Rule of Thirds in Mind

You do have a product or service you want to sell – that’s the whole point of massaging your social media platforms. Instead of thinking in terms of ABC, think in terms of threes. Your posts should be one-third selling, one-third entertaining, and one third informative. Consider some ideas for each: 

  • Entertaining. Your first job is to garner followers and keep them happy. Your followers can start off as friends and family; every “like” and comment gives your social media account a little more attention. If you post things that are funny or otherwise engaging, you’ll gain more followers. Some of those followers could eventually turn into visitors to your website. Silly quotes that connect with your brand identity, pics of your crazy home life, or funny polls that ask questions are great ideas.


  • Informative. Your second job is to be a voice of authority in your industry. That means informing your followers of insider intel, both from your perspective and the perspective of others you trust. Offer this by creating informational posts or linking to other industry experts you trust to give insight into your world. It can be new data, interesting tidbits about what happens on a daily basis in the biz, or ideas about what the future will hold for the industry. 


  • Sales. These are the posts where you can really highlight how your product or service solves a problem or an issue. Despite finding a problem to solve, try to focus on the positive. And no matter how great your product or service is, don’t be tempted to do more than a third of these. Nothing can drive away an audience as fast as being sold to every time they open their social media pages. 

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