What to Expect for Digital Marketing in 2024

by | Feb 21, 2024 | Business

Digital marketing is a constant battle that requires close attention to detail with every new campaign, keen awareness of the latest emerging marketing trends, and deep insight into the needs and expectations of your core audience. Remember that while it’s crucial to remain agile and adaptable as trends shift, you should remain faithful to your organization’s mission statement and core values, continuing to provide your target market with the experiences they’ve come to expect from your brand.

The elephant in the room for most digital marketers in 2024 is the prevalence of artificial intelligence, or AI. There have been countless media representations of AI that have worked their way into the public consciousness. While it’s true that AI is an incredibly disruptive force in many sectors of the modern business world, it is not the technological boogeyman that many people seem to believe it is.

It is vital to avoid overreliance on AI tools, but when leveraged effectively, it’s possible to use these tools to streamline your team’s processes, deliver more impactful and memorable experiences to your audience, and ultimately extract maximum value from all the time spent on your new marketing campaigns for 2024. Consider the following trends and think about how you can leverage these new tools to enhance your brand’s visibility and strengthen your relationships with your target audience.

Personalized Content Reigns Supreme

Forging deeper connections with your audience is the ideal path to cementing brand loyalty, and one of the most effective means of accomplishing this is with personalized content. Hyper-personalization of content delivery means tailoring every piece of content to a user based on their preferences, expectations, and perceived goals. Gathering this data can be challenging, but implementing new technologies combined with your insights into your target market can create a highly effective new content marketing strategy.

Consumers have grown to expect more personalized experiences from the brands that earn their business. Effective leveraging of your user data can result in content that resonates more deeply with the audience you’re trying to reach. Savvy marketing professionals will start tailoring hyper-focused personalized content delivery for their various customer profiles, from new leads to dedicated loyalists.

Personalized ads are easier to create when you have appropriate user data collection tools available. This is an area where new AI tools can truly shine. At a fundamental level, an AI tool is a combination of an internet search engine, a machine learning algorithm, and a large language processing model combined into an accessible and conversational format.

Correctly leveraging AI can potentially enable your team to define your target market sectors and start developing more personalized content more easily and with greater precision. However, human audiences have already become adept at spotting AI-generated content, so while you can use AI to help you direct your focus, the actual content generation for your audience should be left to experienced human writers. Those who read your content will appreciate this human connection, and they would be likely to abandon a brand only willing to serve them low-effort AI-generated copy.

Taking time to create more personalized ad delivery and content experiences can pay off tremendously for your brand in 2024. More consumers than ever are more likely to establish brand loyalty with, remember, and recognize brands that consistently deliver polished, personalized content.

User-Generated Content and Micro-Influencers

Countless brands have developed a rapport with their core audiences by allowing them to create content on their own. Brand ambassadorship is nothing new in the digital marketing space, but companies are embracing this concept through user-generated content on a whole new level in 2024. One of the more interesting aspects of this building trend is the idea of leveraging “micro-influencers.”

When most social media marketing professionals have delved into exploring influencer marketing, the “big fish” of the market tend to be the ripest targets for forging professional partnerships. However, high-tier influencers with multiple millions of followers command high price tags, and there are thousands of brands attempting to connect with the biggest influencers on every social media platform.

The term “micro-influencers” applies to smaller influencer accounts on social media, typically with 500 to 100,000 followers. These smaller accounts typically receive fewer partnership or sponsored content offers from leading brands, so extending such offers is often met with enthusiasm and more polished user-generated content. This helps create more impactful messaging for the influencer’s audience, and more authentic user-generated content always translates to greater impressions for your brand.

Think carefully about expanding your influencer marketing campaign to include more smaller accounts within your target audience that could translate to a fantastic return on investment. Finding a few micro-influencers to act as brand ambassadors will likely cost a fraction of working with one influencer with a multi-million-member audience yet generate better results.

AI’s Impact on Modern Digital Marketing

In 2024, we will see an emergent trend dominate discussion in many digital marketing sectors. AI is set to reshape how we approach our greatest marketing challenges. However, it’s vital to understand the central principles of how AI works so you can leverage this tool effectively in your future strategies. It’s also essential to separate fact from sensationalism when it comes to exploring AI’s actual capabilities.

Do not make the mistake of relying solely on AI to generate content for your users. While it’s possible for AI to strip down some of the more repetitive tasks you may need to resolve every day, many companies have already made fairly spectacular blunders by relying too heavily on this trendy new tech. Remember that authenticity is crucial in creating memorable content for your users, and AI simply isn’t capable — or trustworthy — when it comes to these endeavors.

While many people still hold to fanciful notions that AI will eventually take over the world, the reality is that AI is a software program, and like any other software program, it can perform only the tasks that it has been programmed to perform. Relying too heavily on AI sets the groundwork for more time spent later going back to fix all the mistakes the AI tool made, sometimes including incorrect, incoherent, or even plagiarized content scraped from across the web.

AI excels at data collation, auditing, pattern recognition, and other tasks that, while simple, are incredibly mundane and time-consuming for a human to perform. AI cannot produce quality written content at the same level as an experienced human writer. High-quality content from human writers for human audiences will continue to be an evergreen staple of digital marketing in 2024 and beyond.

Bolster Your Content Strategy for 2024

The year is off to an exciting start in many ways for those working in the digital marketing sector. As you develop new marketing campaigns this year, the team at Better Content Matters is ready to develop more impactful written content for your brand. Contact our team today to learn more about the content we create and how we can support your marketing efforts this year.


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