What to Expect This 2020 Holiday Shopping Season

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Business

The ongoing health crisis has forced almost every industry in the world to rethink their operations. Everyday life has been everything short of normal for millions of Americans over the past year. Many are wondering what the holiday season will look like in the face of a tumultuous election season, civil unrest, and an ominous viral outbreak forcing many to work from home. These concerns extend not just to American consumers but business owners across all markets as well.

The holiday shopping season is almost always a blend of excitement and frustration for Americans. Buying gifts for loved ones and preparing for holiday gatherings are some of the best times of the year for many. Imaging many of these activities in the face of current lockdown policies may seem challenging right now. The holiday gift-buying season usually kicks off in November, and the brands you know and love have all adjusted their operations and strategies to account for our strange, new reality. Here’s what to expect as we wrap up 2020 from a digital marketing perspective.

Your Digital Marketing Strategy for the 2020 Holiday Season

Many of the nation’s retailers have adjusted their focus to eCommerce, shipping services, and contactless ordering options for their customers. Restaurants are limiting their dining services to delivery, carryout, and outdoor seating. Big box retailers are limiting the number of people they allow in their stores and have restructured their floor space to account for social distancing policies. Countless Americans are out of work, furloughed, or working remotely from home.

Small businesses are struggling more than ever to compete with the services offered by big box brands and major retailers. One of the biggest opportunities for small business owners in light of the ongoing health crisis is digital marketing, especially when targeted to a small business’s local market. The small companies that start cultivating solid digital marketing strategies now are going to be the most successful through the 2020 holiday season and beyond as the American consumer market transitions to a digital-first consumer model.

Mobile marketing has grown more important than ever before to companies of all sizes. In 2019, mobile web traffic contributed to 84% of holiday growth traffic that year, and the number of orders per shopper on mobile devices jumped nearly 40% from 2018. Mobile web traffic is evolving in a big way, and small businesses stand to benefit tremendously by investing in better user experiences for their customers on mobile devices.

Taking the time now to develop a more responsive and engaging eCommerce platform designed for mobile web traffic can be an enormous competitive advantage through the 2020 holiday shopping season. It’s also essential to have relevant, interesting, and valuable written content ready for your customer base to enjoy when they visit you on whatever device or platform they prefer.

Polished Written Content Is More Potent Than Ever

It’s natural that being forced to stay home with limited social contact has pushed many to spend more time online. As a small business owner, this means that you are probably seeing more web traffic than usual these days since people in your area are likely spending more time browsing the web. A solid digital marketing strategy should focus on these local customers and position your brand as able to sympathize with and address their needs in a safe, reliable, and consistent way.

The written content you publish to your website and social media profiles can make or break your relationships with customers in your area. Small business owners face an unprecedented opportunity to make significant headway into an entirely new consumer model due to the pandemic, and the holiday season of 2020 is going to be a litmus test for many organizations testing new operations and marketing strategies. Investing in high-quality content creation going into the holiday season can help your brand take full advantage of the opportunities this holiday season presents, test new marketing methods, and ultimately provide your customer base with better experiences.

Enhance Your Marketing Strategy for Holiday 2020

The consumer market has evolved dramatically in the digital age, and the COVID-19 pandemic has propelled this evolution rapidly in just one year. Digital marketing is more essential than ever and not just to large companies. Small businesses that take time now to create polished written content can provide their customers with better local experiences during an uncertain time, cultivate loyal customer bases, and position themselves for success in 2021 and beyond.

Facing the current lockdown policies in place across the country can be challenging for any small business owner. If you are ready to revamp your digital marketing strategy for the 2020 holiday season with original content from skilled writers, Better Content Matters can empower your digital marketing strategy with high-quality written content.

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