What to Look for in a Content Writing Company

by | Oct 15, 2022 | Business, writing

In the age of social media, blogging, and websites, the competition for the consumer’s attention is rough. Many companies fall into the trap of focusing more on the visual elements of their platforms, without giving their audience valuable written content to help them solve their problems. And if they provide written information, they often forget to tailor the message to their target audience. They miss a golden opportunity to establish themselves as a trusted authority in their niche.

The Difference Between Understanding and Knowing

Find the similarities in these two situations:

Scenario 1

You buy a product that requires assembly. When it arrives, you open the box and go straight to read the instructions. Except, there’s nothing written for you to read, and you can only find pictures. First, you must make sense of everything, and then you can assemble the physical product. You will likely spend a fair amount of time frustrated as you try to figure out the puzzle.

Chances are, the experience will leave a sour taste in your mouth, and you will consider whether to buy a product from this manufacturer in the future or not.

Written instructions would’ve saved you a great deal of time.

Scenario 2

You’re a child teaching your playmate a new game. You’ve played this game a million times, unlike your playmate. To you, it seems easy, so you tell them the basics and get to playing.

Later, you realize you left out some important details, and the next thing you know, your playmate is furious and accusing you of changing the rules. The fun gets delayed, and you have an annoying problem to fix, at best.

At worst, the adults have to intervene.

In both scenarios, the information is accurate, but the problem is the delivery. The one providing the information knows what the outcome should look like. They assume the one on the receiving end already understands what they’re talking about, so they only explain what makes sense to them. The result of this assumption creates a negative experience for both ends. This situation plays out in industries of all kinds.

To grow a company, you need to build a brand, establish a voice, and earn a reputation. But none of these crucial elements are achievable when the quality of the communication breaks down. And with the increasing demands of growing a business, it’s common for founders to feel overwhelmed at the idea of writing valuable content consistently, while also making sure the message is optimized to reach their target audience.

Content writing companies help busy business owners reach their audience with minimum effort, but with so many options to pick from, it’s important to choose a professional company that you can trust.

What You Should Look for in a Professional Content Writing Company

Finding the right company requires more than just a Google search. Content writing is an investment in your business; one you expect a return on like any other. To make sure you choose the right one, pay attention to the following:

  1. Quality of content. Looking through the company’s website, blogs, and social media can give you an idea of the projects they specialize in, the variety of content they can provide, and the way they adapt each platform to maximize its intended use. A skilled writing company will incorporate keywords and SEO strategy seamlessly into the content, maximizing your visibility without detracting from your message.
  2. Uniqueness of content. When you hire a content writing company, you expect your content to be unlike any other. Companies that use originality reports and specific research guidelines will give you the unique content you expect. Whether you are promoting a new idea, adding your commentary to an idea that already exists, or simply updating your information to stay current and relevant, the originality and uniqueness of the writing should keep your voice fresh.
  3. Writers. Content writing isn’t for everyone. You might be searching for a content writing company because you understand your limitations. It’s important to know how the company hires and the types of writers they bring on board. Your search may show you a great blog writer with a style you enjoy, but if they are not skilled in research, SEO, or writing in your niche’s language, they won’t deliver the results you need. Writing for websites, blogs, and social media all require a different set of skills and an understanding of the different sectors of the industry. A professional content writing company should have a writing staff with diverse talents, selected through a rigorous vetting process, to smoothly handle any type of job you are looking for.
  4. Understanding your needs on your time. Content writing includes a great range of industry writing. Whether you’re looking for technical writing, updates to your web content, blogging, social media campaigns, or even press releases, a good content writing company prioritizes your needs. They will listen to your specifications and goals, and they will work with you to meet the style and voice you expect. After all, the writing they provide will reflect your brand, so it needs to follow your standards and your deadlines. They will consider your target audience and will answer your questions promptly.

Words Matter for Your Business and Your Client

If the child had considered that his playmate was new to the game, they would have explained the rules, step by step. If the company that created the instruction manual had someone who could clarify their diagrams with written content, their consumers would have a streamlined experience with their products and would return for more. When you think of content writers, think about a group of professionals who can take your vision and create the content that brings it to life. We take what makes sense to you and help it make sense to your audience with careful consideration of your needs, research, and an understanding of the platform from which you wish to communicate.

At Better Content Matters, our team of skilled, and proven content writers and editors can provide you with the solutions you’re looking for. We know your words matter not just to you, but to your clients and your cause. Your content will be created by a writer, reviewed by an editor, and double-checked by a proofreader. Our process delivers quality and excellence the first time, every time. But if it doesn’t meet your standards, we’ll make sure to revise it free of charge. Contact us today and let us bring a voice to your brand.

Adam Sherman

Adam Sherman