Why Hire a Writing Team for Your Marketing Strategy

by | Sep 28, 2022 | Business

Writing might not immediately come to mind when beginning your digital marketing journey, but it should.

The digital age has transformed marketing, and COVID-19 sped up that transformation. With everyone stuck behind screens for months on end, digital shopping became a necessity. What was once casual online shopping quickly transitioned to the only method of getting essentials. In fact, eCommerce sales rose by 43% during the first year of the pandemic, a nearly $2 billion difference.

Now, many people are sticking with that change. Not only does it save time and is convenient, but it’s also easier to get the exact product the consumer wants. According to Consumer Reports, these shopping habits are sticking around. Most businesses have adapted to these changes and made shopping online easier and more accessible. However, marketing for this new process hasn’t been as seamless.

Ecommerce Marketing for 2022

Having a website that is safe for transactions, fast to use, and easy to navigate is the first step. The next one is just as important. It’s the crafting of the words for that site.

From email blasts to social media engagement, small to medium businesses must churn out content. First, you need words to fill your site. However, it doesn’t end there. To get the attention of their target audience and get noticed by search engines like Google, content writing is a crucial aspect of any digital marketing campaign. The trouble is most of these business owners are busy doing the job of their business.

How a Professional Writer Can Help

Even if a business is ready to tackle the job of writing, few understand the kind of writing that is necessary to boost its visibility. Search engine optimization, or SEO, should be a crucial component of any website’s content. Any website’s content should be approachable and easy for Google and other search engines to crawl – or read. When those search engines find your content, then your business shows up on the search engine results page, making it easier for searchers to find you.

From keywords to link building, there’s a lot that goes into crafting content that helps a digital marketing campaign. If you’re looking to boost your content marketing signal but struggling to find the time to do it, consider hiring a professional content writer.

In-House vs. Freelance Writing Professionals

The need for constant website content that meets audience standards and increases engagement takes a lot of time to create. Larger businesses and organizations often have a full-time employee or a team of copywriters and content creators at their disposal. These professionals create marketing strategies and the content necessary to achieve marketing goals. However, most small businesses aren’t ready to take that kind of financial plunge. The good news is that it’s not necessary; a professional content writing team can produce as little or as much writing as your business needs.

Hiring content writing professionals to create content helps move products and gets services noticed. It’s a lot less expensive than a full-time writer, but – with a little guidance – it can mean a lot less work for you and a much better, stronger marketing strategy.

Save Time and Money With the Right Writing Company

There are a lot of tasks small business owners choose to do themselves to save money – and that’s smart. Consider, though, that you have to know what tasks to do that save money and what tasks mean spending a little to earn a lot more. Consider the task of accounting. Most of us can do addition and subtraction, but crunching the numbers for a business is time-consuming, and a one-comma mistake can be devastating.

While a comma mistake in your content writing may not have the same effect, it can slow you down or make you look unprofessional.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Content Writing

If you are trying to develop your own website writing and social media content, along with everything else, you’re likely leaving money on the table. Here’s why:

  • One blog post won’t cut it. Most businesses know they need to create social media content, write blog posts, and craft other content to get their audience’s attention. They may ask an employee to get started with the process, but no one has trained these employees in marketing tactics. They likely have many other tasks. Maybe a Facebook status gets posted or a blog is started, but one blog isn’t enough. In fact, too little or unstructured efforts are the same as no content at all. Your business has now wasted money spinning its wheels. Or worse, you’ve wasted time trying to get it done yourself.
  • Effective content writing requires some knowledge. From link-building to keyword usage, content writing is different than writing for your high school newspaper or your college English class. While any regular content is good, a professional can write with an eye toward SEO – search engine optimization – to ensure your writing does what it should and reaches the right audience.
  • You don’t have time. Writing is a worthy pursuit. If you want to include a regular blog or news post to your website, it’s definitely a great way to personalize your brand. However, that’s not enough to get your business the traction it needs. To keep up with the kind of website content you need for your digital presence to thrive, you need regular content generation. It needs to be quality content because Google will demote your site otherwise.

Talk to a Professional Content Writing Service

Writing for SEO is more than just words on a screen; it’s a concentrated process that requires both marketing expertise and a command of language. Perhaps even more important, it requires empathy. You must trust your writing team to empathize with your audience. Without it, you may have a start to a strong SEO campaign, but it may not deliver. You need writing that encourages your audience to follow through – to click, to buy, to subscribe.

A digital marketing campaign to boost your SEO and increase traffic takes time, know-how, and lots of words. Let our team get you the words you need. We understand that bots need to crawl your content, but it still must be readable to your target audience. At Better Content Matters, we know how to do both.

To get serious about your digital marketing strategy, talk to a writing team that has both marketing experience and relevant education. We understand the power of words – and we know how to make them work for you. Send us a message today to discuss how we can help.


Christie Moll