Why the Restaurant Industry Will Rise Up Stronger Than Ever

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Business

The current pandemic has shown the world the important role the restaurant industry plays in driving our economy. Restaurant diners are just one link of an economic chain that includes farmers, winemakers, wholesalers, truck drivers, chefs, servers, dishwashers, managers, and owners. The plight of the restaurant industry is innately tied to the plight of the supply chain.

And we are in good hands. Restaurants embody the very characteristics needed to succeed in this ever-changing world we live in.

What Characteristics Help a Restaurant Thrive?

From the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, it felt as if the virus had specifically targeted the restaurant industry. We watched as neighborhood eateries closed their doors, and owners and workers alike returned home and wondered “What’s next?” By May, the restaurant industry had shown a loss of $120 billion. Restaurant owners had a choice; lay down and surrender or do what they do best- thrive under pressure.

It’s that “What’s next?” attitude that gives me the confidence that the restaurant industry will rise up stronger than ever. It may not look the same, but it will still embody the characteristics that make it uniquely resilient and capable of thriving in adverse conditions. There are several key elements that are a part of the DNA of the restaurant industry that will help to ensure its continuing rise – Adaptability, Community, and Innovation.


The current pandemic has put the restaurant industry in a position of having to continually adapt to everchanging regulations and unique dining landscapes. Fortunately, this is an integral part of working in an industry where the variables change by the minute.

As a restaurant owner, this means leaning into the new normal. It requires pivoting from a focus on inside dining to expanding your takeout menu and offering more at-home options. If you can no longer host large parties, embrace the micro event.


Restaurants are the cornerstones of a community. They also make up a strong community among themselves, and now is the time to embrace that community. Seek out ways to partner with other businesses. The inspiration you can draw from each other during this time is invaluable.

This is also an important time to strengthen your own restaurant family. Make sure to keep employees aware of changes as they happen, and find ways to offer support to those in need. Keeping staff morale positive reflects a positive business mindset and improves brand image.


Restaurants that thrive are the ones that value innovation. Anticipating the next food trend, leading the way in craft cocktails, and developing menus that meet the changing needs of guests is how a restaurant sets itself apart. This same dedication is leading to innovations in safety and ways to maximize seating opportunities. On the horizon are entryway degerming portals and AI systems that will monitor cleaning. Restaurant owners need to always be thinking of new ways to stay in the game. Look at your space, your employees, and your marketing, with an eye towards envisioning new ways to optimize your assets.

How Marketing Can Help to Scaffold Your Business

The importance of delivering clear, concise and up to date information to your restaurant’s customers is paramount to your success during the current pandemic. This is an excellent time to fine tune your website and maximize social media platforms to stay connected to your clientele.


Potential customers need to be able to easily navigate your website and quickly access the most important information. This means that most options and information regarding online ordering, pick up, current menus, and outdoor/indoor dining restrictions should be on your home page. This page should also be the go-to resource for up to date COVID guidelines regarding the restaurant industry in your area.

Keeping customers well informed helps build trust, leading customers to feel comfortable choosing to dine at your restaurant when the time comes. This is also your opportunity to let them know what they can expect before they get to your business. This insight will help to ease any frustrations related to current restrictions.

Social Media

Social media platforms provide a great avenue for connecting with your customers and forming a strong community bond. Remember to keep your message positive and focus on the ways your restaurant is prioritizing the health and safety of your guests. This is a great place to showcase staff wearing masks and deep cleaning. Make sure to keep your message positive and try to be light hearted when appropriate. Remind guests how much they are valued and missed.

Above all, know that you’ve got this! The same characteristics that have made the restaurant industry an integral part of our economy and communities will ensure that it not only survives but thrives as we continue to envision a new future. Our team of writers at Better Content Matters can help you find the right words to develop a media message that conveys safety, builds community, and implements your innovative ideas.


Dagmar Snowadzky